What Are Your Thoughts About A Masquerade Themed Event For A Church?

Someone posted the above question in a Facebook group asking what did the group think of the idea of a masked ball themed event for a church event.

For me, personal I look at Mardi Gras and Masquerade themed events in the church kind of like I do Halloween. They don't belong there. They got a long history and not so good.

There is just a whole element  to Masquerade and Mardi Gras which is of a worldly nature to me. What's your thoughts?


  1. Why Lord why?!?! ALL of the souls who are hungry, bound, lost, poor, and have real needs....and church folks have time for costume parties????!!!! The Master said for us to WORK while it is day bc that day is coming. The money spent on this nonsense could feed plenty of hungry folks and help pay debts. What a joke. And yes.....this is pagan to the core. It ought not be brought in among us. People wore/wear make to hide and commit evil/mischievous deeds.

  2. From the brochure "The Truth about Mardi Gras": Behind the sequins and war paint and deep under the light-hearted Carnival spirit, is there some quirk in the human personality that makes people want to mask? And if so is there some twist in each individual's psyche that makes him choose the alter identity he does? Joseph V. Guillotte, PH.D., associate professor of anthropology at the University of New Orleans, says that maskers have been traced at least as far back as the Ice Age. The proof is a dated drawing from southwestern France of the dancing sorcerer, a man dresses in a reindeer costume. Among early man, masking was considered a conduit to the supernatural, Guillotte says. A man donned a mask and believed he was possessed by the spirit of a god or dead ancestor who was trying to communicate with the living.

    The individual becomes the character the mask depicts... Masking (or costuming) altered the 'state of consciousness.' Thus there can be no doubt that dark demonic, even mind-altering forces are behind not only masking, but most of the Mardi Gras celebration.

  3. In my opinion, if it does not hinder salvation then I don't see anything wrong with it. We wear figurative masks as a matter of daily practice. Many of us are fully costumed every Sunday when we go to church. Self control and holiness is paramount regardless of what you wear. I haven't looked, but show me in the bible where this type of entertainment is condemned.

    I can appreciate anyone's opinion regarding the matter, but at the end of the day it's just an opinion and not much unlike an assumption. You know what they say about those ;-) lol


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