So What About That Bible Verse Katy Perry Tweeted To Her 65 Million Followers?

The question does God speak to everyone, including sinners alike? Some believers seem to think so while others think not. Katy Perry, who has renounced her childhood belief in Christianity, is now saying that she heard a word from the Lord prior to her 2015 Super Bowl performance. Perry grew up in a Christian-based home and began her career singing religious music.

 I'm sorry, but I don't agree with the article at all. I don't believe God is going to tell me He's got my back just before I indulge in my sin. What's your thoughts?


  1. You would be totally correct in saying that God doesn't have our back when we indulge in sin Ms. Brock. This is very evident all throughout the OT with the Israelites. When they went into battle without God, they were killed, punished, or captured or...if they didn't follow explicit instructions exactly, there were dire consequences. They couldn't do anything with a favorae outcome outside of communion and obedience to God. Furthermore, the Bible clearly states that God hears not the prayers of sinners and is angry with the wicked EVERY day (John 9:31 and Psalm 7:11). Besides...I thought she renounced all her upbringing and former beliefs?! Satan has no new tricks...smh. Its the same game plan over and over again. Katy Perry needs to have a true revelation of Jesus and who He is, repent, and ask Him to save her soul...for real. This is sad and she's been duped.


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