Should Women Be Featured Speakers At Men Conferences??

Lord have mercy the debates among some Christians about women’s roles in the church and home still rages on. This past Friday through Sunday, a Men's Weekend "Under Construction" conference was held at Reid Temple AME Church.  And Pastor Riva Tims had the honor of being one of the one's ministering to the MEN of Reid Temple. And of course everyone not on the same page when it come to women speaking to men in a church setting.  What do you think should more women be featured speakers at all men conferences?

Also, the other featured speakers were, Bishop Rudolph McKissick, Jr., Bishop David G. Evans, Rev. Bill Lee, Bishop Eric Freeman, Rev. Dr. Walter Malone, Rev. Tony Boone and Rev. Tony Lee.


  1. If Bishop T. D. Jakes can speak to Women at the "Woman Thou Art Loosed" Conferences, then why shouldn't a godly woman speak to men in a decent and appropriate forum? What`s the difference? If she`s not qualified to speak to the men then, no man is qualified to speak to a woman`s group. If it`s inappropriate for a Woman to encourage and teach the Brethren then the Brethren should stay in their place and only teach/encourage, "Male" men .

    1. Anonymous I do agree. I’m an ordained minister alongside a male colleague in a large church. I mostly feel accepted and respected by my own congregation, who tell me how much they appreciate my teaching and preaching. But outside of my own congregation? I'm invisible. I would love to teach in a wider space but I don’t want to get into self-promotion. So, how can I be heard in that wider way if people haven’t heard me or know of me? I'm just asking!

      I don’t want want to be proud, and I just want to serve God. I feel he’s gifted me, and yet am largely invisible. Thanks for writing the way you do x

    2. So very much I could say about this, but in short ( from one Minister to another ); You never have to "promote" yourself ! The bible says that our gifts will make room for us and that God opens the door for us to Minister. God places us in the "body" just where he wants us to be. Sometimes we are actually in Gods School and that`s why our sphere of influence and opportunities are limited. The Holy Spirit must prune us, correct us, guide us and teach us. We must not be anxious in Ministry. God doesn't use all of us the same and sometimes your ministry may be to minister to the Saints right there in the church he placed you in. Be patient and learn, observe, minister faithfully. When the Lord starts to send you out into further Pastures then you will be totally ready, matured, anointed for the New Task and totally equipped to move into that new elevation/promotion. You`ll know when it`s time to move on or ministry in a greater capacity because the Lord will open those doors for you. Don't compare your ministry to some0ne else`s that seems to be growing and flourishing. Let the Lord Perfect his work in you and when he wants to give you another assignment then ...just be free and ready. So be encouraged and "wait" on your ministry to flourish in the right season for ....YOU !

  2. I believe women should be featured speakers that are involved in every conference. “When we limit the voices that speak of the journey of faith in any way, we rob ourselves of the full image of God. It is so important not only to listen to other voices at the table – but to also learn from and grow with them. When we do, we will be blessed to have experienced the fullness of God and the diversity of God’s Kingdom.


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