Question: "Is there a difference in the function between a ‘minister’, a ‘preacher’ and a ‘pastor’?”

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan answers the above question on his Facebook page:

 "Well, some preachers are more evangelical than pastoral. An evangelist is one who preaches The Gospel with the spirit and fire of The Gospel, spreading The Gospel; and you will see thousands coming to these great evangelical preachers. But after one has accepted Christ, then the next thing is to nurture them into Christ Consciousness and Christian Living. So the pastoral side of it is the more difficult side, because now you’re dealing with the weaknesses and strengths of the person who wants to be a good Christian."

 Good food for thought!!


  1. This is interesting for a few reasons.

    First, how can a man who doesn't know or have Truth, explain anything about the Word.

    Second, he didn't accurately answer...and I wouldn't expect him to. He doesn't believe in Jesus...the Word Himself.

    All born again believers are ministers. Preacher is not a position or title...its what a believer does when sharing the Word. Pastor is a gift...not a title or position. They are servant-leaders for the edifying of the body. His answer was more fluff than fact.

    1. You are spot on! By calling him honorable minister people have taken away the honor of our Lord Jesus Christ, the incarnate word of word and his precious blood that was shed on the cross for our redemption whom this man rejects!

    2. I would submit hat the word's usage is not limited to Christianity.

  2. I would say he did a pretty good job. At least what he says is applicable in my church.

    We tend not to call laity preachers unless they are ministers. Ministers/missionaries may or may not be licensed and are limited in their official church functions. Elders/evangelists are licesened and have more responsibilities. Ordained elders can pastor. I'm being very general and this may be specific to my denomination.

    You are right all believers should proclaim the Gospel and by default we should all be preachers. Yet, there are often official titles and licenses associated with the word "preacher" in today's church.

    Pastor can be a gift, title, and/or position depending on how the word is used. This person is responsible to care for a particular group of souls. They are a servant to the people in as much as God directs them.

    That's a really loaded question but a good one Ms. Ann


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