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Testimony Time: Dr. E. Dewey Smith Let Rickey Smiley Take Over The House Of Hope Pulpit!!

Reader Sunday October 8, 2017, Dr. E. Dewey Smith senior pastor of the House of Hope Atlanta Ga, allowed his friend and church family Comedian Rickey Smiley to grace his pulpit with an awesome testimony....plus a big plug for his new book.

Check it out below: 

"Mississippi Judge Speaks Of the History of Mississippi Racism As He Renders A Decision In The Murder Of A Black Man."

Things that affect, involve or pertain to a person's heart can only be changed by a change of heart. I'm one who truly believes that racism is a heart condition, that only can be changed by a change of heart.  I do not understand how people can argue that racial disparities are a thing of the past. This judge nails it when he speaks of the fact that these are our children educated when slavery is obsolete children who play on multiracial teams in integrated schools. He is on target that justice must be blind to ethnic, religious and gender differences. All are created equal our America must once again fight to preserve all of our freedoms.
Black Mississippi judge opens a can of whoopass on white murderers — and it’s awesome


  1. I'm pleased when murderers of any race are given lengthy prison sentences, but I prefer the death penalty when there is no chance whatsoever of an erroneous verdict.


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