Lawd Have Mercy These Pictures Are 'breaking the Internet' Right Now!

Fix it Jesus, Photos of some weird looking brides have gone viral on social media and it is yet to be confirmed if they are real or fake. One of the pictures show a couple embracing each other; the groom looking rather dazed while the bride has the 'whitest face' and the most garish makeup ever.

The oddest part of the picture is that the brides facial skin tone is a stark contrast to her laali-covered hand. Another picture shows three brides, huddled together for a selfie and looking totally bizarre with a makeup that must have been inspired by aliens.


  1. That slam dunk competition though #EPIC

  2. I need my African sisters to stop BLEACHING THEIR SKIN! This is so so sad. We will poison and kill ourselves to look like something we can never truly be smh!! This is very hurtful to see.


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