Lawd Have Mercy Is There An Agenda Under Foot To Weaken The Blackman?

Do you believe there’s an agenda to make black men effeminate? Is the government and other people working to destroy the black man image in America? Black men in drag, dressed as women is nothing new, but to see black men strutting down a fashion runway dress as women's, is a sight to see. Is this a new tool?

Prancing Elites: Gay, Black Men Get TV Show After Being Banned From College Dancing.

Prancing Elites is a group of young, gay, black men. But they are much more than that. The group practices J-Setting, a new form of dance.


  1. No, I don't believe there is an agenda to emasculate the black man. Fashion designers always try to push the envelope for shock value & attention. Most of the stuff we see on runways will never be seen on the average everyday person, muchless on a black man. I also think that social media has given us access to information that we didn't have access to before, which makes it seem like there is this abundance of gay black men. But the reality is that the black gay population is extremely small & those who want to be women & wear womens clothes is even smaller.

  2. The world continues to feminize our sad and wrong:(

    1. totally true. no other male group is targeted for perversion or destruction the way black men are.

  3. Its called sin.... The lusts of the flesh, the lusts of the eyes and the pride of life. That's the agenda... Courtesy of the adversary, Satan himself.

  4. J setting = the majorettes dancing w the marching band.

    There is definitely an agenda to make the black youth especially boys into homosexuals. They are showing images of feminized black men who are having a glamorous life. Let's not forget in the society today being on TV and getting attention is that "glamorous life". There are few images of strong black respectable men and Terrancce Howard does not count at all neither does Ghost from Power. But it's funny that these masculine men are bad guys. While the homosexual is praised by all black and especially white media. They are telling black boys it's easier to be a black gay man than a strong black man in the white man's world.

  5. Gays get reality shows and masculine black men get fictional shows. It's fiction to be a man but reality to be a gay and glamorous black man.


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