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More Americans Say That You Can Be Good Without God?

Reader for the first time, a majority of Americans — 56 percent — say it is possible to be a good person without a religious belief. So says new Pew Research Center data drawn from two polls conducted among about 5,000 American adults in June and July. “God is not a prerequisite for good values and morality,” Greg Smith, Pew’s associate director of research, said in a post about the findings. ” … [T]he public’s increased rejection of the idea that belief in God is necessary for morality is due, in large part, to the spike in the share of Americans who are religious ‘nones.

Jesus Take The Wheel: The Death List For 2015!!

Lawd have mercy the devil is a liar. There's a site that predicts the death of people they feel will die in 2015. The death list site contains 50 celebrities that it considers most likely to die this year. The list for this year includes Billy Graham, George Bush SR, Chuck Berry, etc... How in the world can people go round listing people on a list, then crossing them off as if they are simply tallying up a score? Death and life are in the power of the tongue.  What do y'all think about a site like this crazy or not?


  1. Power of the tongue lol I dont believe in the "magic" of words speak it and it shall come true curse or blessing lol yall tripping

    1. New International Version
      The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.

    2. The point is you wont die from saying ur gonna die and u def wont die bc someone put u on a death website. Thats called being superstitious. That scripture u ref is in regards to no saying something stupid to cause urself harm for ex me walking up to a mobster and calling him a punk what u think is gonna happen lol but that verse is NOT saying if I keep saying over and over again the Lord is gonna bless me by winning the lottery no matter how many times I say it it wont happen unless he wants it to of course. If u being bullied wishing ur bully to stop beating u up wont do anything wishing for a full tank of gas or a full stomach does NOTHING no matter how many times u say it know why by we arent God we dont have that kind of power thats the point im making yall tripping lol


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