How Can Anyone Take Franklin Graham Seriously As A Minister?

Lord have mercy, in my opinion, Franklin Graham is one of the most harmful, damaging, destructive, pernicious faux Christian Dominionists in the nation, who isn’t yet done destroying his father’s legacy.  For him, being Christian is all about business and prestige and not about Jesus Christ. Graham, who is one of the self-appointed spokespeople for the right wing of the Republican party sure have been busy (google him) lately.

In my opinion, his mission is to spread hate and division between faiths, period so that his brand of Christianity will triumph in Dominion over all the world. If the president helps protect Muslims, then he must be denounced because it interferes with Franklin's power march.  Bigotry is terrible, whether religious or racial. The would-be heir to Billy Graham’s white evangelical dynasty keeps marching on.


  1. I agree w him Islam is evil and the enemy!

    1. I disagree, no particular religion is good or evil. It's what the followers of that religion do that give it a bad name. Are there not Christians who act radically in the name of God? There are just too many to count. Does that mean Christianity is evil? No. From a Christian viewpoint, we are to be tolerant of others. How can we be tolerant if we are judging others of being part of an "evil" religion?

    2. Holy Roller I agree with you completely.

    3. Islam says kill anyone who doesnt submit to theur way is that good or evil? Religion is NEVER neutral there are doctrines of devils (Islam is one) & doctrines of the Saints (Christianity).

    4. The so-called Christian KKK has a history of terrorism against black people. KKK said and did the same things ISIS is doing now, but their victims were and are black people. And very very very few whites (Christians) spoke out.

    5. Christian DOCTRINE is not evil Islamic DOCTRINE is

    6. First of all Billy Graham defected from orthodox christianity a long time ago. He believes all roads lead home. He ain't the only one Oprah, Joel, TD and the like. Franklin Graham antics shouldn't be of no surprise. I will say this though, that dominionist movement is setting off alarm bells in me. White folk enraged and panicking ain't nevah good for black folk...

    7. at least he has the guts to call the kidnapping, torture, beheading, raping, stealing, deceiving, destructive beasts the Islamic book creates as EVIL.


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