Fix It Jesus: "Married Christian Couples Who Don't Practice 'missionary' Sex Will End Up In Hell"

Lawd have mercy, A Nigerian pastor based in the United Kingdom, Olugbenga Oladejo has said married Christian couples who engage in different sex positions practiced today will go to hell. Oladejo who pastors Complete In Christ Church (CICC), in the United Kingdom claims he was shown a vision by Jesus Christ of what will happen to Christian couples who end up in hell.

In the fifteen-minute video, posted here, Pastor Oladejo who quoted Isaiah 33:14, claimed he was shown a section in hell by an Angel of God where he saw people chopped in bits and pieces on a slab by demons as a form of punishment.


  1. Lol yall tripping bc if that's the case ima b in there w gasoline draws on lol


    1: Is there ANY SCRIPTURE that says anything about sexual positions sending people to hell?

    2: Other than the name, why is MISSIONARY POSITION some how the only GAWDLY way to have sex.

    The last and most important question.

    Why is a pastor getting a tour of a SPECIAL SECTION OF HELL by an "ANGEL"

    Let's not forget. There are angels of Light and of Darkness. Use discernment and your Bible to know the difference.

    This man knows nothing of what he speaks.

    1. As usual I agree with Cop. This is silly. His "dream" and depiction of hell gave me pause. He needs to stop listening to whispering spirits.

  3. I attended a relationship seminar at my church. The missionary position came up and apparently when the missionaries went to Africa and other countries they were appalled at the freedom displayed in couples and the different ways they embraced the other. The missionary was deemed less risque and was encouraged. However we know that the marital bed is not defiled so the missionaries were mixing culture with spiritual suff. typical

  4. This Pastor sounds like he is fighting a spirit of "Torment". Pastors can be afflicted in their minds too! Why isn't his sleep "sweet" as the Bible says our sleep should be ?
    When thou liest down, thou shalt not be afraid: yea, thou shalt lie down, and thy sleep shall be sweet. Prov 3:24 . Why is he dreaming of mutilated bodies, darkness and Hell? The Bible says that "Dreams come from a multitude of thoughts. Maybe he needs to examine his thought life ! So now, is that Pastor trying to intrude into the Family unit of his Parishioners and prying into their personal sexual habits, under the guise of being a "Watchmen "? All dreams a Pastor may have don't come from God, just because he has a Title of Pastor. He more than likely needs to be delivered, himself. The Word of God doesn't dictate to us about what specific sexual "positions" are acceptable or unacceptable in the marriage bed. Married Believers should know to use wisdom and discretion anyway, in every area of their lives. So if married couples enjoy various intimate positions is that the "unpardonable sin"? No it`s not ! They cant repent if they feel convicted ? What other Believers are gonna wind up in Hell? People a little overweight?.....Divorced people ?....Women who work outside of the home?.....Female Pastors? Saints who don't go to church every time the church doors are open? The Forgiveness of God doesn't cover this? This Pastors position and statement about this topic is too subjective. Maybe this particular Pastor, has some deep seated sexual and perverse personal issues, himself. He needs to get professional help and perhaps change his Profession. If he is seeing things and hearing things that the Bible doesn't address and then imposing those beliefs on other people, then something is very wrong. He may need to take a break from Ministry or go on some type of Sabbatical for the sake of his own mental health.

    New Living Translation
    Too much activity gives you restless dreams; too many words make you a fool. ( Ecc 5:3 )


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