Church Announcement: EYB Gospel Conference & Showcase!

WOW, this is such an eye opener for me.  So, Christian music is not about souls after all.

EYB Gospel Music Conference & Showcase is the world's only music conference focused on world class and emerging artists. The focus of EYBGMC&S is to create an atmosphere where the industry can network and meet in an environment that is meant for getting business done. The rising talent from across the country will have the opportunity to learn, network and perform amongst major record labels, industry professionals, and world famous talent, media and music fans.

The emerging artists at EYBGMC&S will be chosen by a panel of judges from major record labels and talent management companies from around the country. The events, seminars and workshops are staffed by top executives and industry professionals enabling artists to learn everything ranging from digital media, new technology, marketing and promotions, music production and contract negotiations by individuals who have shaped the music industry.

EYBGMC&S has a multitude of marketing, advertising, PR and pre-conference events structured to reach a truly global audience. EYB Gospel believes in the power of music to communicate God's message of love and hope and that by investing in the lives of those who attend the EYB Music Conference & Showcases, many more lives will ultimately be impacted and affected for Christ.


  1. WOW! Ann do you see how much the winner gets?

  2. And with the exception of the $250,000 this theatrics is no different from Sunday Best, Fix My Choir and all the other nonsense out there. It's a display of who can gyrate and perform for the crowd the most. Oh and The Presence of GOD is NOT a requirement. ...........but if you can get the people to their feet you're the guaranteed winner. .....IT'S A MOCKERY!

  3. That is not Tasha Cobb?


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