Anna Duggar Criticized After Using Black History Month to Spread Anti-Abortion Message!

These fake folks kill me, and others like them, they only care about the unborn until it's born. Then it's a "welfare leech," "thug" and "a drain on taxpayers". We all know how short-lived conservative compassion is. Adore the fetus, despise the child.
Anyway, the Duggars have found themselves at the center of controversy once again, due to a social media post by Anna Duggar, who is currently expecting her fourth child.

 The wife of Josh Duggar, the oldest child of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, took to Twitter on Monday to retweet a pro-life post from The Radiation Foundation's Twitter page, which used Black History Month to promote an anti-abortion message.


  1. I hate when people think these idiots are good people just because "they are Christian "

  2. In my opinion it is completely disrespectful to coincide abortion with black history month for political gain. As if that is what we are to be celebrating.

  3. Breed, breed, breed, breed, breed, breed , breed, breed, breed, breed, breed, breed, breed, breed, breed, breed, breed, breed, breed, breed, breed. Just zip it and stick with what you know. And could someone explain to me why these people, who have sex and babies more often than the average couple, are famous and constantly in the news?

  4. The problem with people who have these beliefs...isn't necessarily their's that they are fighting so hard to make abortion illegal. I have 5 children. I don't personally believe in abortion for myself. I think that a woman should be free to choose in our country for multiple reasons, rape, incest, age, and people make mistakes. The moment that the choice is taken away from us is the moment we are not free and become a communist country. I don't believe in abortion...for the same breath that I say that I don't judge others who choose to have one. It could be my sister, niece or best friend who has an abortion and I'm still going to love and respect them because you never know someone's reasoning and it's a part of their freedom to choose for themself. It's not someone's beliefs it's how they are judgmental on others who don't believe as they do as if their beliefs are superior or "right". That's where these so called GOD fearing people tend to be hypocritical.

  5. How is a message promoting the stoppage of the death of black kids negative? Yall tripping.

  6. She did bring out the facts about Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood's racist agenda when I first read about it. I get what folks are saying but its true, Tons of black babies are killed or encouraged to be killed. Why not address this aspect of black history as well? We are destined to repeat the past if we don't discuss it and learn from it. I don't understand why folks follow what the Duggars say and do...only to constantly get mad and bash them? Free speech maybe?
    I jusy would like to see them take it a step further and discuss the root of the causes for abortion...SIN.

  7. Wanting to stop abortion shouldn't be considered a political agenda by any Christian. IT should be a biblical agenda and no matter what it's always an appropriate time or opportunity to fight for lives.


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