Will The Black Church Community, One Day Embrace The New Normal? The Changing Family Dynamic!


Lord have mercy, Facebook is going in on these two fathers who were made famous when an Instagram image of them doing their daughters' hair in the morning went viral,  are hitting back at the negative and homophobic reactions to their lifestyle in a new ad campaign for Nikon.

 Kordale Lewis and his fiance Kaleb, from Atlanta, Georgia, star alongside their three adorable children in the video, offering further insight into their 'normal' day-to-day life - and insisting that nobody outside of their family should pass judgement on how they choose to live. 'We just want people to know that, hey, we're normal, and you can't judge people on their normal, you really can't,' one of the fathers says at the start of the clip.


  1. Accepting the new normal will come faster than embracing it. These marriages are already in existence in many bkack churches today. When these families, most of which are well off financially, begin to take their money, skills, and talents elsewhere, the black church will change. Whether it's biblical or not will depend on the congregations' INTERPRETATION of the scriptures.

  2. When you look at the faces of those kids, you would see that they are loved and taken care of completely by theses two Men. These are not Baby Daddies not doing what's typical by any means, but real Father's holding it down, as a Family. Not the one many believe in, but that's not their issue. They get up every morning and do what most parents do, and for anyone who would think that this Family should be taken down, for whatever beliefs you have, then take a look at your own Family, and then ask yourself what if someone decided just on a Instagram Photo alone saying your Family is not one, and Social Services needs to put the kids in Foster Care. Would you fight tooth and nail to keep that from happening?

  3. Will The Black Church Community, One Day Embrace The New Normal? That depends on who you consider a pat of the black church community. Is "The Vision Church of ATL" a part? If so, they have hundreds of black churches under them that are pro gay. So the answer would be YES the black church has already embraced it. For the rest of the black churches with slamming music departments led by homosexuals, YES they too have embraced it.

    The real question is not limited to race, the real question is "Has God embraced this new normal". Thats the only answer that matters at the end of the day. That answer my friend is NO!

    That said, the entire world can end up same gender loving with kids, God's word still has not changed. You can bend, twist, fight the word, make up characters like David and Jonathan and Ruth and Naomi who "they" claim were same gender loving, you can open hebrew and greek dictionaries, and even say King James himself was gay, but the bottom line is God's word has not changed.

    To each his own. Your free to go to heaven or hell. No one is stopping you from going to either eternal destination. The choice is yours.......


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