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California Become The First State In America To Legally Recognize A Third Gender!

Reader what y'all think? California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed into law legislation that recognizes a third gender option for driver’s licenses and birth certificates. Gender is no longer either male or female, according to the state of California. ‘It means that when somebody looks at my license, it’s not going to be as confusing to them.’ Gov. Jerry Brown on Sunday signed into law legislation that recognizes a third gender option for driver’s licenses and birth certificates. Starting in 2019, Californians will be able to identify themselves as not just male or female, but “nonbinary.” The bill was one of many Brown left to the last day of the Oct. 15 deadline to either sign or veto.


Question? Should A Soulja In The War Zone Get Baptized?

Facebook: Was this the wrong time for this Soulja to get baptized in the time of war while serving in a war zone? Some say yes, others say no, what say you?

I think this is a powerful demonstration of this individual waking up to the reality he need Jesus Christ, especially in a war zone. He probably realized that he didn't want to risk leaving this earth without knowing where he would spend eternity. He made a wise choice.


  1. Those who think it is wrong, let me ask you one question. When you were saved was you life correct? I think not, our lives are in the midst of war, EVERYDAY, you just get to see a physical manifestation of what is going on spiritually. If you believe that "this war" is immoral, that is between you and you. No one has the right to judge another's profession of faith and expression of commitment, such as baptism. Is he to wait til he returns to the states, or til his enlistment is up? NO salvation is not just for the couch cushion saints, but for all.


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