Question Of The Day: Why Are Unwed Mothers Welcome To The Church Community, While At The Same Time The Homosexuals Communities Are Not?

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Is there a double standard here?

I have a serious question. A church I know of has an unwed mother of 5 she is now pregnant again with her 6th child. They kicked a homosexual man out of the church for him being homosexual with no signs of change. Obviously the unwed mother is fornicating with no signs of change, why hasn't she been kicked out of the church?


  1. At the center of it all, I think that a lot of people are just simply disgusted by the thought of two men or two women having intimate relations. This disgust doesn't exist for single females who have children out of wedlock.

  2. Anonymous Friday 23, 2014 Read your bible and find out what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah.But first read Genesis. God created male and female to replenish the earth--not two males with the same genitals. Get over yourself! God loves you abnd the unwed mother. She has to be delivered as well. More than likely she is looking for a father's love in all the wrong places. It is called a generation curse. More than tlikely the homosexual who incidentially was not born thaat way, was sexually molested by someone else who had been sexually molested and so that generational curse continues. Repent to God and ask him to forgive you and to help you be delivered from these scars and demonic spirits. Trust me he will hear and help you if you are truly sincere.

    1. Get over myself? The blogger posed a question & I gave a credible answer. There are many things written in the bible that the church chooses to ignore. You may want to re-read your bible & concern yourself with matters that pertain specifically to your own personal life.

  3. I agree that a sin is a sin. But when we read from the Bible that some sins are strongly dealt with than the others! My understand is that the sins that are strongly opposed to the eternal will of God are very harshly dealt with. UNNATURAL SEX (listed in Leviticus 18) that is against God's commandment of populating the earth is strongly dealt with.

    If you read Deuteronomy 22:22 - 20. It talks about the rape of three types of women. Married women, engaged women and a virgin but the punishment is different. If a married women is raped the man is killed may be because it is going to shatter an entire family but if a virgin is raped the man has to pay money to the father and to give security to the woman by marrying her. In the olden days when women always married strangers it was not anything weird.

    In the case of homosexuality the old testament clearly said that both of them have to be killed (Leviticus 18:22,26 - 29). The Bible says that through these unnatural sexual relationships the entire nation will be defiled that is the gravity of this sin.

    In the new testament though the extreme punishments are not given anymore people committing some extraordinary sins especially UNNATURAL SEX LISTED IN LEVITICUS 18th CHAPTER are excommunicated from Church. There is an example in the new testament for unnatural sex when Apostle Paul tells them to excommunicate from the Church in I Corinthians 5:1-13. Here again the reason Paul is stating is that the unnatural sex will defile the entire Church.

  4. All sinners will have their part in the lake of fire. Homosexuals, liars, fornicators, hypocrites, the fearful, unbelievers....they will all be there together. The point is, we all must be repentant and truly born again. People point out gays because it is easy. True...homosexuality is a sin against ones own body, but so is fornication. People can physically see homosexuals and call them out, while conveniently keeping their hidden transgressions and filth in their hearts hidden smh! They aren't as quick to point out for instance lust, vanity, gossip, hypocrisy, racism, the love of the world, carnality and those in idol worship....worshipping themselves or the pastor or their church or church organization and so on! It will all be punished.

    Let every man examine himself...we each have enough work to do to try and find the narrow path, that we ought not have time to hunt pregnant single women or gays! If you see sin that's undealt with or not handled Biblically...I would say flee that place and seek the Lord for yourself all the more because it will get worse and a little leaven leavens the whole lump.


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