Pastor Joel Osteen, May Have Violated Lakewood Church Non-profit Status!?!

Lord have mercy, Pastor Joel Osteen is caught up in a potential financial scandal. New York attorney Richard Garbarini has charged that Joel Osteen is using the not-for-profit status of Lakewood Church as a tax dodge to reap millions in profits from his "feel good" motivational books. If true, it could bring his $50 MILLION empire crashing down. WOW!


  1. Although not a fan of Joel it sounds like somebody is just mad he has money and people follow him like sheep.

  2. Melissa Patrick:Friday, 02 January, 2015

    Im so sick of hearing attack after attack on this man of God. It doesn't matter if you agree with him or not. I find that its usually a pharisetical mind set that attacks others. Gossip and backbiting is just as punishable by God as murder or adultery. The Bible says David wouldn't even do harm to Saul because he was still one of Gods anointed.

    1. Osteen has denied that Jesus is the only way!! What "Man of God" would God appoint to deny His son?! It TOTALLY matters if we agree or not. If he teaches any other Gospel than the one delivered to the saints of God...he is accursed! The Pharisees were attacking and denying that Jesus was the Christ. That would make Osteen more in line with them....not those of us who reject Osteen's heretical, erroneous and convoluted teachings! Finally, Saul was an EXAMPLE of what NOT to do. Saul was desired by the people and God gave them what they an example for us. God did not choose him...the people did and God allowed it. Consequently, we see how bad of a choice he was. That's why God is to anoint and appoint and not us mere men, but Osteen is what you get when man appoints their leadership. Please don't confuse scripture to defend an obvious wolf and false teacher.

  3. Actually IT DOES MATTER IF WE AGREE with Osteen.

    DOESNT believe Christ is the only way.

    Refuses to mention sin or hell during his speeches (I refuse to call them sermons) or even on his web site.

    Hasn't figured out the difference between Mormon and Christianity.

    Doesn't have space for a cross in his building because IT MIGHT OFFEND PEOPLE.

    He spends more time writing his own books then studying the GOOD BOOK.

    And in EVERY INTERVIEW when asked easy foundational questions about Christianity this "LEADER OF THE LARGEST CHURCH IN NORTH AMERICA" seems to BE LOST in a sea of "I don't know's", "That's not for me to say", or "I don't really get into that".

    Not every question asked or researching of pastors behavior is GOSSIP or BACK BITING.
    Often it is Just discernment to see if the pastor TRUELY IS A MAN OF GOD.


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