Oklahoma Pastors Plan Church Hoodie Protest!

Several Oklahoma ministers are planning to wear hoodies when they preach at their churches on Jan 18 as a way to protest a proposed law they feel seeks to criminalize the wearing of hooded shirts that are popular in today’s culture.


  1. I am not saying this isn't a worth while cause. Because Banning Hoodies isn't going to stop criminal behavior, and if it's cold enough and I need a hood when I go for a run I AM WEARING A HOODIE. I will just pay the fine.

    But can these pastor find time to protest some other fashions that have been around for years unchecked by the faithful.

    Daisy dukes
    (Because only Daisy herself should wear them)

    Baggy pants worn below butt crack level
    (I am not sure at what point it be came cool to show off your crusty behind, but this needs to be bumped AHEAD of the hoodie protest)

    Fish net panty hose
    (Unless your selling "IT" on the corner you don't need your legs in a net)

    And the last is more about a name then a fashion.

    Wife beaters
    (Of all the things to rename an article of clothing. A name that promotes domestic abuse?

    "Yes honey, I am going to cut the grass in my WIFE BEATER!!!"

    Could you image other crimes that people could wear that would (AND SHOULD) disturb people.

    Child abuse socks
    Shop lifting jeans
    Kidnapping jacket
    Sexual assault shoes

    I may have gone over board a bit.
    Where was I?
    Oh yes,
    We were talking about the hoodie ban.

    1. Cop, this has got to be the dumbest law I've ever seen suggested. And in my little ole opinion, these pastors could be using this precious time protesting a worth while cause.


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