Lord Have Mercy Gay Couple, Son Turned Down For Pre-kindergarten!

 Fix it Jesus, Gay couple's son turned down for pre-kindergarten because 'Christian' private school says homosexuality goes against their admission policy.We are all free to have our own beliefs.  I don't believe homosexuality is God's best, but that's a child that needs an education. The parents are not going to the school the child is and the child is not a homosexual. So it doesn't make sense. The thing is, if you are homosexual why in the world would you even want to go to a place that preaches against you? This doesn't make sense either. Source:


  1. Ann come on and use some wisdom. Regardless of your views on homosexuality, a religious private school has a right to accept or reject students based on the doctrine it preaches.

    In NYC there are tons of Muslim schools. If I have no intention on my child becoming a Muslim but I want to send him there for an education, I'd get denied.

    Catholic schools require you to attend mass and become indoctrinated with the catholic doctrine and you agree to this when you send your school their and if your contentious about it, your removed.

    Jewish schools teach Hebrew, don't serve shell fish or pork to their kids, and require girls to wear skirts all the time AND which leads to becoming a devout Jew. If you have no intentions on following Jewish law, your not admitted to the school.

    Here we are in 2015 and now Christians schools are being forced to add into their reasons of application denials homosexuality including the parents of said child.

    Its not about education, its about the policies, procedures, and religious doctrine and they can deny you if you have no intentions on lining up.
    I want to play golf, but I cant stumble into any country club and expect to be a member if I don't line up to the country clubs rule.
    Oh and might I add I'm not going to heaven if I don't follow the mandates of the bible no matter how good I am and deserving of a "better place" to go to after I die.

    This is life.

    P.S. Did you know some of the most conservative Christian Universities made women wear pantyhose's (yes stockings) YEAR ROUND and it was something you agreed to and if not, you'd be in violation of the dress code. Some churches teach that you know. Bottom line, find a school that lines up with YOUR beliefs and stop making an issue of out religious institutions who have a right to follow the teaching of their doctrinal mandates.

    1. Explain why the child should not be allowed entrance into the school? The Child is not a homosexual the parents are. Bottom line the action of the school is nothing but plain old discrimination.

  2. I think Anonymous has it right. These parents are using their child as a pawn to push the Gay Agenda and persecute the church for standing on God's word. The Bible foretold this and we can expect more of these shenanigans.


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