Lord Have Mercy Dr. Jazz Kick The New Year Off With Plenty Of Facebook Buzz!

Alright Now! You better work it, Dr. Jasmin Sculark posted the above picture to her Facebook page, and y'all know the rest.


  1. Dr. Jazz, look fabulous!

  2. I like Dr. Jazz new look.

  3. Abraham's Daughter!Thursday, 01 January, 2015

    This is a great picture of Dr.Jazz, a sno nuff preaching woman of God.

  4. She looks like a "New" Dr. Jazz !

  5. And not one word about Jesus.... smh

  6. What happened with the City of Praise?

  7. We have four cases that will go to trial this year. (2015) She was hired by a board that is not legal. This board will be removed soon. She will be removed along with the illegal board. She knew all of this when she took the job.

    1. I live glenarden Maryland I have followed this story for the past couple of years. With my background I can truly say Freeman had no business in the middle. That young pastor (peebles ) carried himself like a true Christian three the whole process. I saw the videos from when Freeman was on the phone to when prayer was going on and the not official board called the police." Tho he slay me the Lord will lift me up " pastor peebles will be bless by God for his humbleness and continue love for God's people. Now for jazz the deacon and others they are in my prayers

  8. She is trying to change her look because everyone has questions about her sexuality I wonder if she is also changing the look of her entourage to make them look more feminine.


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