Dennis Augustine, A Former Pentecostal Minister Writes A Termination Letter To God:

Dennis Augustine, a former Pentecostal minister, penned an online termination letter to God, that's getting a lot of buzz. According to his BIO, Dennis, who had doubts in seminary as he learned about the problematic history of the biblical canon. His faith in God died a slow, painful death for years. When his sister murdered her own children there was no more denying it. Today, Dennis works as a software developer and business analyst in Toronto, Canada. He speaks out passionately about rational thought and the psychological and social impacts of religious faith and hopes to contribute to research in these areas in the years ahead. Letter: Source:


  1. Why does God let bad things happen to good people? This question is probably one of the most asked question about God. And for some it's a stumbling block for many at any given moments of tragedy.

  2. So the note is from the perspective of another Christian on how he is "letting go" of God?

  3. So, his sister murdered her own kids? Man, that's rough!

  4. It's a good read! Thanks for posting!


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