Church Of God In Christ Is On The Battlefield For The Lord And They Have The Numbers To Prove It!

Wow, COGIC has posted great numbers for 2014! Obviously, it goes without saying all the glory, all the honor and all the praise belong to GOD, with a pat on the back for the great leadership skills of Bishop Blake.   I have never seen a record kept like this, but I must admit it definitely shows that there are some who understand God's mission and wanting people to get saved, healed, delivered and set free. Praise God!


  1. Wikipedia statistics say COGIC claims between 6 to 8 million members. So lets do the math, keeping on the low end of things, if there are 6 million members and only 112,543 lives changed in 2014 thats 0.0018%.
    Sure its still worth rejoicing, but ummm, 0.0018%??? I dunno, just stating the facts.

  2. Check your math, please


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