Church Announcement: Pastor God Love You But, SOLICITING SEX is a crime!

Lord have mercy, Facebook is going in on a pastor, who got busted for soliciting sex from a minor.
 I don't know if anyone reading this post ever watch the show Undercover Stings on Spike TV. But, in this particular episode of the show Season 1 (Episode 1) the undercover cop was pretending to be a minor and the pastor offers her money for sexual favors. When the man of God gets busted, he wants to play "I'm a pastor card."

Which has angered more folks than the fact that he was soliciting sexual favor from a minor.  I do agree anyone can be tempted, and this is a bad situation for his whole family, congregation and no doubt his reputation could have been affected by his own actions. Unfaithfulness has a price that is too high to pay. It's not worth humiliation, or shame. I'm willing to bet somewhere in this pastor's career, he has preached that overt sins will be found out and that the day will come when all sins will be uncovered. (Numbers 32:23)

So, the question most folks are asking should the pastor has even mentioned on camera that he was a pastor of a large church congregation?


  1. Why we all ways making excuses for this kind of mess?

  2. When ever a pastor or church leader gets caught RED HANDED in sin.

    Jenkins butt naked photo,
    Detrick Haddon & Jamal Bryant adultery,
    James Fortune's hot tub water torture & wife beating)

    Their first defense is to hide behind their position.

    "I am STILL A pastor of the church"
    "I am an anointed man of God"
    "The devil is trying stop my blessing"

    These are followed by

    "Only God can judge me"
    "David sinned"
    "We all make mistakes"
    (And My favorite and most used)
    "Don't put your mouth on the man of God"

    What these pastors DON'T DO is confess their short comings and admit they are not as holy as their image would suggest.

    We need to start holding Pastors accountable for their actions and respond appropriately.
    If that means stripping them from the pulpit or sending them to jail, THEN SO BE IT.

    1. Nice reply Cop. Ditto!!!

    2. Cop most of the argument under the clip is the one how David sin with Bathsheba but God still called him a man after His heart. So this can't be that bad.

    3. Per legal court documentation, we are asking to work with your legal team to have the following video removed immediately: Church Announcement: Pastor God Love You But, SOLICITING SEX is a crime! We have legal documentation from the courts and would like to work with your legal team to have the video removed.

  3. Just because someone say they are a pastor you don't mean they get a free get out of jail pass lock his nasty butt up.

    1. Lol, Bessie I agree! I wasn't gone do "nothing"! I'm a "Pastor", of a large "congregation", please don't take me to jail my wife gone kill me. Lol! He had the devil in his pants starting a fire. He's just a man.

  4. This is why some churches are jacked up! Look what this man of God is doing probably using the church money??? lol

  5. That's entrapment.

    1. How could it be entrapment or a setup when he put himself in the position for anything to happen? No one forced him to fork over any money, he had the option to leave. I'm sure she didn't drag him in to that room. He had every intent on taking care of his sexual desires with that woman. He changed his tune when the sting possible jail time came front and center. I feel sorry for his wife and family. I won't judge, i'm sure his punishment will be enough.

  6. I would have let him go until he said he's a pastor. Tried of fake brothers like these claiming Christianity. You never caught Jesus in a tent or hut soliciting sex.

  7. Crime is a crime. He could have titled himself any number of "respected" roles in society, he still committed a crime. Him mentioning he is a Pastor only made it worse for his congregants and religious nay sayers who love to find excuses as to why they don't go to church anymore.

    Since Satan has blinded the eyes of so many church goers, he will still have a congregation of supporters and ultimately him and his congregation will end up in hell if they don't repent.


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