Ambassador Dr. Juanita Bynum Buys Freedom From Signed Contract With Matthew Knowles; While Soliciting Funds to Re-launch Music Career!


On May 2010, Juanita Bynum publicized her joint venture recording agreement with Matthew Knowles. In less than five years, the relationship went sour. The evangelist, author and recording artist, who turns 56 today, has bought out her contract and needs help re-launching her solo career. Source: EEW



    Ambassador (FAKE)

    Doctor (who didn't actually FINISH COLLEGE)

    International empowerment lecture (what ever that is)

    Innovative entrepreneur
    (This from HER web site)

    "Now in 2012, Dr. Juanita Bynum is in pursuit of all of her dreams and goals including the launching of several new business entities which will include
    Mount Olive Bath and Spa line, Ethne skin care and make line a clothing line, Sonflower Publishing, Sonflower Records, Juanita Bynum Dance Academy, The Tom Bynum Life Coach Institute, Juanita Bynum Radio, a magazine and several other prominent business ventures"

    In case your counting, that's SIX so called businesses.

    And yet this INNOVATIVE ENTREPRENEUR needs help to restart her music career?

    Maybe she should divorce HERSELF and start a relationship with Jesus before she re-invents herself AGAIN!!

    1. @Cop Lol!! Dont forget she was also selling "Bynum Beans".

  2. Miss Ann, who appointed Sis. Bynum an "ambassador"?

    1. Mike Dr. Bynum, was honored with the award of the Goodwill Ambassador of Bayelsa State, Nigeria for her missionary work.

  3. Never ceases to amaze me how all these television preachers, every time they go to do something, do not use the money from their own salaries to support their vision, they always run to their "support base". Use your own money, that's why you work, like everybody else. She can afford it. She doesn't want to risk her own.


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