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Jesus Take The Wheel: 30 Second Theology!

For Super Bowl Sunday sermon,  Pastor Craig Groeschel is preparing to preach on "spiritual principles' found in everyone's favorite commercials.  Yes, you got that right. Spiritual principles found in commercials. Now that's a sure fire relevant way to draw a crowd. But, there's one small problem. Pastors are told by God's Word to "preach the word" (2 Tim 4:2) Apparently, Craig Groeschel doesn't think that applies to him.  Really, it's nothing new. One year hubby and I attended a church that had Super Bowl Sunday as a church event. Right in the church itself. Why, they had a flat screen tv for the youth group. Not surprised at all.


Question What “JESUS REALLY MEANT " When He Said I AM THE WAY?

Lord have mercy, churches best wake up to whom they allow into their pulpits. Another Christian leader has alleged, Jesus Did Not Mean He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
DR. STEVE MCSWAIN is a founding member of the John Maxwell team of leadership coaches, speakers, and trainers. People need to get their Bibles out and read and study it for themselves, to "see if these things be true" that some of these folks are teaching... and stop swallowing and following whatever comes down the pike. When Jesus said, "I AM the way," that's exactly what He meant. He didn't stumble, HE is the way to God... no other. Jesus did not "discover" the way. He IS the way. He IS God, come in the flesh.  Source:

Developing Story: Let Us Pray For Bobbi Kristina Brown!

Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown was taken to North Fulton Hospital after being found unresponsive in a bathtub on Saturday, reports CBS 46 in Atlanta. She was reportedly found in her home in a Roswell subdivision by her husband Nick Gordon and a friend. The pair started CPR until officers and EMS arrived. TMZ reports, doctors were able to stabilize Brown's breathing. Many recall it was around this time three years ago that Brown's mother, Houston, was tragically found dead in a tub in Beverly Hills. The circumstances of how Houston and singer Bobby Brown's 21-year-old daughter came to be unresponsive remain under investigation.

Church Of God In Christ Is On The Battlefield For The Lord And They Have The Numbers To Prove It!

Wow, COGIC has posted great numbers for 2014! Obviously, it goes without saying all the glory, all the honor and all the praise belong to GOD, with a pat on the back for the great leadership skills of Bishop Blake.   I have never seen a record kept like this, but I must admit it definitely shows that there are some who understand God's mission and wanting people to get saved, healed, delivered and set free. Praise God!

Mega Church Leader Claims ‘Divine Wind’ Moved Him To Fully Accept Members Practicing Homosexuality!

Nashville, Tennessee’s Grace Pointe Community Church  has become “one of the first evangelical megachurches in the country to openly stand for full equality and inclusion of the LGBTQ community.” The church’s pastor, Stan Mitchell, made the announcement at the end of a sermon a few weeks ago. Source:

A Seventh-Day Adventist Church "Pray the gay away" Sessions Generate Controversy!

Lord have mercy, gay rights advocates in Bermuda are furious that a local church is hosting a weekend conference that promotes the "ex-gay" movement. "The Seventh Day Adventists" are a conservative faith that considers homosexuality a sin and a violation of God's commandments. The local church is being criticized for spending the pew sitters money to fly in members of the Coming Out Ministries, which claims its members are "ex-gay" and have found “found redemption, victory, healing and freedom from homosexuality.”

 Critics, including every single psychological and psychiatric professional association in the Western world, have condemned the claims as junk science and states such as California and New Jersey have outlawed the practice of conversion therapy. Source:

Good News: Pastors Are Sending In Their Photos To Be Used As A Target Practice Instead Of Photos Of Black People.

Oh, I love this. I cried at their kindness and courage! There's a movement under foot of pastors from around the country who are sending in their photos to be used as target practice instead of mug shots of black teens. "Use Me Instead", says clergy to police who use photos of black men for target practice.

The North Miami Beach Police Department was forced to stop using the mugshots of black men for target practice after they were discovered by a woman whose brother’s photo was among those found riddled with bullets (although it took a city council resolution to get them to do it).

Should Churches Reschedule Services Around Events Like The Super Bowl?

Once again, folks are upset with pastor Perry Noble.  As football fans prepare for Sunday’s Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks, pastors from around the country, whose churches have regularly scheduled Sunday evening services are making changes, like  "Pastor Perry Noble."

My God, folks, this isn't a big deal. Pastor Perry Noble, didn't cancel Sunday service, it just moved to Saturday night instead. In my mind, it's a very strategic move.

Queens Of Gospel: The Biggest Praise Party In Caribbean History Is About To Go Down.

Arguably the most profound lineup for a gospel event in the history of Barbados.  Four of the biggest living female gospel artists in the U.S. will unite in Barbados- on February 21st and 22nd at the Garfield Sobers Gymnasium for what can only be described as one powerful weekend of praise and absolutely phenomenal talent.

 QUEENS OF GOSPEL CHURCH CHARITY DRIVE- Queens of Gospel will be giving all churches who contact us at the Gold Coast Records Inc. batches of tickets which can be sold at their church, churches will retain 10% of all earnings from tickets sold to the congregations as a donation from Gold Coast Records Inc. Interested churches / pastors can contact us at 232-4103 or email to collect tickets for sale. Facebook:

Get Out Of Here: Indicted Pastor Permitted To Leave The Country Before Trial!

Lord, have mercy the above pastor, was indicted on money laundering charges, accused of buying land to hide the proceeds from drug sales. His passport was seized and he was ordered not to travel outside of middle Tennessee. But Pastor Whitsey's attorney, said the man of God want to go on a mission trip to Haiti.  The trial was slated to begin on Feb. 17. A month before that trial, Whitsey wanted to take a trip out of the country. His federal probation office and the U.S.  attorney said it was OK for him to go. Source:   

Jesus Take The Wheel: Fear Of The Future Drove Benjamin And Kristi Strack To Kill Themselves And Their Children!

This is so disturbing for me. Fear of pending apocalypse drove Benjamin and Kristi Strack to kill themselves and their children. Source: 

Fix It Jesus: The Angels In Heaven Are Not Rejoicing Over Nicki Minaj Falling In Love With Gospel Music!

So, over exposed Rapper Nicki Minaj took to Twitter Tuesday, to acknowledge she's a big fan of Tasha Cobbs and Jonathan McReynolds. Two of today's hottest gospel hit makers. And of course y'all know how the e-church (Facebook) crowd can be when it comes to their favorite stars. Now, the e-church crowd is being accused of treating Nicki Minaj, like she's the second coming.
Check out the comments:

Pastor John Gray took advantage of the opportunity that was afforded to him via Twitter, to offer a personal invite to Ms. Minaj!

The WORD Network Launches Worldwide Radio Superstation!

According to a press release, The WORD Network the largest African American religious network in the world is now a Superstation. The WORD Network has finalized its purchase of Disney Radio Station, WFDF, 9:10am in Detroit.

Why The US Media Coverage Of Michelle Obama's Saudi Arabia Trip Isn't Just Wrong — It's Racist?

You know why I know it isn't a big deal that First Lady Michelle didn't cover her head while in Saudi Arabia? No other First Lady in history that travel to the country had to wear a veil so why should Ms Obama wear one? Condi, Laura Bush, Madeline Albright and Hilary Clinton have all gone to Saudi Arabia without wearing a veil and no one gave a damn.

The President and First Lady Michelle Obama arrived in Saudi Arabia for the funeral of Saudi King Abdullah. Mrs. Obama did not wear a headdress. Was it inspirational for oppressed women in Saudi or was it disrespectful to their faith? Source:

Higher Charges For Ohio Pastor Accused Of Having Sex With Teen Girl!

Ohio was not playing with this pastor at all. Higher charges for pastors, as well as teachers, coaches and Scoutmasters etc.... Folks who are often trusted with children, therefore their crimes are on a much higher level. I'm thinking every state should have this law.

Bond has been set at $100,000 for a central Ohio pastor accused of having sex with a 15-year-old parishioner on church property. Police say they arrested 44-year-old Scott Murphy on Monday, and he provided a taped confession. He is senior pastor of the Newark Heights Church of God, east of Columbus. He's charged with sexual battery, and prosecutors say he also exchanged nude images with the teen. A grand jury will consider additional charges.

Church Announcement: Bethel Baptist Institutional Church, Jacksonville, FL, Install First Female Deacon!

There was a historical service held Sunday, January 25, 2015 @ Bethel Baptist Institutional Church, Jacksonville, FL,  with the ordination of the first female deacons.

Scripture is not completely clear whether or not a woman can serve as a deacon. The statement that deacons are to be “men worthy of respect” (1 Timothy 3:8 NIV) and the qualification “the husband of but one wife” (1 Timothy 3:12) would seem to disqualify women from serving as deacons.

Question: Can Apostolic Bishops Be Consecrate On A Saturday?

According to the internet and in accordance with some custom, it is desirable, if possible, that bishops be ordained on a Sunday.  So the million dollar question that's being asked, why is this consecration service being held on a Saturday @ noon?
 The Consecration & Elevation of Clarence Langston to the Apostolic Office of Bishop, Saturday, January 31, 2015 at 12 Noon, at Great Faith Ministries International, 10735 Grand River, Detroit, MI. Chief Consecrater: Apostle Wayne T. Jackson. Co-Consecrater: Bishop David Copeland.

Mali Music As Jesus Christ: Revival The Experience!

Oh my goodness, Mali Music as JESUS CHRIST!  Gotta admit I love Mali....but I'm a tad bit not all in about this one.  Excited, yes but definitely not sold on this idea just yet.  I just think it's interesting seeing a black man with the seal on his chest in a movie about a BIBICAL story for once.
Full first look preview of Revival The Experience, starring Mali Music as Jesus Christ, Harry Lennix as Pontius Pilate and featuring Chaka Khan, Dawnn Lewis, Noel Gugliemi, Michelle Williams, Obba Babatunde, T'Keyah Crystal Keymáh, Bob Wisdom Watch, share and spread the word- REVIVAL THE EXPERIENCE, coming soon!

Looks interesting!

Donnie McClurkin Has A Talk Show!

Donnie McClurkin's "Next"  is a talk show that introduces you to the hottest new artists worldwide airing on DONNIETV. Next also includes listeners Choice where the audience picks the songs destined for the charts. Next also includes live performances and a one-on-one chat with Donnie, who drills deeper into the dreams and goals of this Next generation of new performers.

Gladys Knight To Headline The 2015 Super Bowl Gospel Celebration!

According to a press release, On Friday, January 30th, the 16th Annual Super Bowl Gospel Celebration will help kick off Super Bowl XLIX in Phoenix, AZ. The concert event and a Super Bowl weekend favorite, has just announced living legend Gladys Knight as its headlining performer and co-hosts - actress Holly Robinson Peete and retired NFL star, Rodney Peete. 

Joining Ms. Knight and the Peetes for the Super Bowl Gospel Celebration is an all-star lineup of entertainers (Tichina Arnold, Natalie Grant, Anthony Hamilton, Fred Hammond, Dave Hollister, Israel Houghton, David Mann, Tamela Mann, Mali Music, Donnie McClurkin, DeWayne Woods) and athletes (Antonio Brown – Pittsburgh Steelers, DeSean Jackson – Washington Redskins, Ray Lewis, Larry Fitzgerald – Arizona Cardinals, Rashad Jennings – New York Giants, Deion Sanders, Devon Still - Cincinnati Bengals), as well as the acclaimed NFL Players Choir (featuring current and retired players).

Prairie View A&M University Welcomes Pastor Bridget E. Hilliard!

On Thursday, January 29 @ 10:00 Prairie View A&M University will welcome Pastor Bridget E. Hilliard as the Guest Speaker for the 2015 General Assembly and kick off Black History Month and the President’s Lecture Series.

Question For Pastor Perry Stone?

The below video was taken at Pastor Perry Stone's Church and is gathering a lot of attention.   Some folks say we're pretty sure this isn't a Christian form of worship. In fact, it resembles the type of worship used for the Golden Calf. But, this time the Golden Calf has been replaced with a replica of the Ark of the Covenant. I think this is total deception to take the this out of context, and then teach young people to pay homage to it.

Facebook comment:
 This is NOT New Testament worship. Not even close. When the children of Israel did this, God severely judged them. God looks at our heart, but He also looks at our actions. You cannot divorce the two. Is kneeling in front of a statue of Mary acceptable as long as your heart is worshipping God? NO! Idolatry in any from is severely condemned by God. We are to worship Him in spirit and in TRUTH. This is neither.

Another Pastor Publicly Apologizes To His Congregation!

According to, on yesterday, Pastor Zondo publicly apologize to his congregation after a video of him walking around naked surfaced and went viral last week. The pastor was trending on Twitter after his apparent nude video went viral on social media. The video left most of his followers shocked, and others blaming this on Satan. The video of the divorced pastor was allegedly taken by a woman who was with him in his lounge. The pastor has a slot on a South African radio station with one of the largest listening audience, Ukhozi FM.

Dennis Augustine, A Former Pentecostal Minister Writes A Termination Letter To God:

Dennis Augustine, a former Pentecostal minister, penned an online termination letter to God, that's getting a lot of buzz. According to his BIO, Dennis, who had doubts in seminary as he learned about the problematic history of the biblical canon. His faith in God died a slow, painful death for years. When his sister murdered her own children there was no more denying it. Today, Dennis works as a software developer and business analyst in Toronto, Canada. He speaks out passionately about rational thought and the psychological and social impacts of religious faith and hopes to contribute to research in these areas in the years ahead. Letter:Source:

Lord Have Mercy Gay Couple, Son Turned Down For Pre-kindergarten!

Fix it Jesus, Gay couple's son turned down for pre-kindergarten because 'Christian' private school says homosexuality goes against their admission policy.We are all free to have our own beliefs.  I don't believe homosexuality is God's best, but that's a child that needs an education. The parents are not going to the school the child is and the child is not a homosexual. So it doesn't make sense. The thing is, if you are homosexual why in the world would you even want to go to a place that preaches against you? This doesn't make sense either. Source:

Question Of The Day: Should Parents Be Allowed To Microchip Their Children?

Gosh, this is a big call. Is this something those of you with small  children would consider? This question getting a lot buzz on social media: Would you microchip your child so that you could use the Lost Kidz app to give you an immediate location ID if they went missing or were abducted?Tell me what you think. Invasion of privacy or essential parenting tool?  Lost Kidz is researching this right now and we are looking at available technologies. Someone suggested that any child under the age of 16 should have this, do you agree?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Meet The Press!

On Meet the Press this morning, Chuck Todd welcomes retired basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to the show to speak about his Time Magazine column where he writes about Islam and terrorism. Very good interview. I hope that he can help change the conversation about Muslims and Islam.

Get It Together Ladies, Priorities!

According to High Heels and High Standards:
 Ladies Nothing is wrong with looking nice, but we can't spend all of our time focused on our external and ignore our internal. Beauty is vain and fleeting, spend more time focusing on your spiritual life and make sure your soul on "fleek" too!;)

Lord Have Mercy The Gullible Lapped Up Tina Campbell First Sermon! Or Was It Her Testimony?

I am saying this one more time the "Gospel Message" is not about us. (No disrespect at all to Tina Campbell) If your goal is to fill a church building on Wednesday nights and Sunday morning with gullible people who are not looking for a change. Then, all you need to do to accomplish said task is taking a popular gospel music artist and put them in the pulpit, BOOM!

 According to The Christian Post, Tina Campbell preached her first sermon in front of a congregation last Sunday. Her sermon title was "We Shall Overcome Today," a message inspired by her struggle just a few years ago. Reported in 2013, Tina's marriage was on the rocks when Teddy's repeated infidelity was exposed. Instead, of giving up, the couple fasted and prayed and asked the fans to join them.

Top 10 KEY Search Words For The Past Week & Month That Landed People On This Blog:

If I want to know what’s happening in and around the church community at any given time, all I have to do is check my search word tool, for that day. For some crazy reason lately people are obsessed with the up and coming future preachers/teachers and leaders. For the last couple of weeks and months the following folks and KEY words have been searched for more than usual:

1). Deitrick Haddon net worth
2). Prophet Brian Carn baby
3). Sarah Jakes
4). Toure Roberts
5). Manasseh Jordan ministries
6). Pastor Perry Noble
7). Field Negro
8). Gay Black Pastor
9). Jay Z Occult
10). Bishop Thomas Weekslll

Just When You Thought Reality TV Couldn’t Get Any Lower, Now People are Having Sex Live in Front of Audience? I Kid You Not!

People, get ready, I'm convinced Jesus is standing up.  This is how low our society has gone. Sex In A Box:

Facebook Comment:
We are a lost society without morals or common sense. I'm glad I grew up when I did. If the TV was working, it had 5 channels and they all went off the air with the National Anthem at 11 pm.

5 Religious Practices Black People Learned During Slavery That We Still Do Today!

1). The majority of enslaved Africans was taught to no longer honor and connect spiritually with their ancestors. As a result, many Black people today devalue the idea of developing a connection with their ancestors.

2). Today, many Black people use a white image to depict Jesus. Africans who practiced Christianity before slavery used Black images historically to describe their god.

3).  Enslaved Africans were taught to fear and devalue African religious practices.

4). Today, most Black people in the world still don’t seek to inculcate traditional African religions. Many Black people across the world still use the King James version of the Bible as the final authority of Christianity.

5). Today, many Black people focus only on religious dogma that was taught during slavery and colonialism rather than developing a spiritual relationship with the creator.
 5 Religious Practices Black People Learned During Slavery That We Still Do Today!

Ambassador Dr. Juanita Bynum Buys Freedom From Signed Contract With Matthew Knowles; While Soliciting Funds to Re-launch Music Career!

On May 2010, Juanita Bynum publicized her joint venture recording agreement with Matthew Knowles. In less than five years, the relationship went sour. The evangelist, author and recording artist, who turns 56 today, has bought out her contract and needs help re-launching her solo career. Source: EEW

Preacher And Community Activist Kenneth H. Moales JR. Has Officially Announced He's Running For State Senator.

Senior Pastor of Cathedral of the Holy Spirit Husband, Father, Preacher, and Community Activist Kenneth H. Moales Jr. Has officially announced he will be running for a vacant State Senate seat in the 23rd District Special Election on Tuesday, February 24, 2015!

What Is One To Do If God Don't Send You A Husband By The Age Of 40? Do Like Yasmin Eleby Marry Yourself!

Lord have mercy, stop blocking the blessings.  I'm really scratching my head on this one. It's one thing to love yourself... But to actually marry; as in walk down the aisle by yourself is a tad different. In my opinion,  she could have blocked someone from actually coming into her life with all this wasted energy on "marrying herself" plan.

 Is it really that hard to find a mate? Do you see this becoming a trend? Yasmin Eleby was a beautiful bride who married herself.

Jesus Take The Wheel A Shouting Rehearsal???

This is sad, a Facebook comment:
 "And to think I used to pray so hard for God to make me do this.... All the while it was some learned foolishness. And the dance has absolutely nothing to do with God.. But nobody told me it was fake! And the reason why I couldn't do it was because I wasn't fake!"  
According to Ex-preacher and TV host, Thaddeus Matthews, the saints of God are now practicing their holy dance moves. And to think they had us believing it was the Lawd. The person practicing his holy dance is the pastor Stephan Brown of L.O.G.I.C. Who has a downtown location. Thoughts?

Question Of The Day: Will Your Church Be Buying The Roma Downey Sermon Kit?

Will you be watching A.D. with your church family?  Mark Burnett and Roma Downey are hoping so. Over 100 million people watched The Bible miniseries in 2013! On Easter Sunday 2015, the epic story continues with A.D. The Series. Producer Roma Downey talks about this upcoming television event. As NBC prepares to launch a new miniseries, “A.D.”, churches are being marketed to. Hard. It’ll be an easy sell for many, as this series is very entertaining and visually beautiful. “Millions will be watching, including people in Your Church,” advertises uber-popular, urging pastors to “plan a 12 week series starting Easter Sunday, April 5th, through June 21st,” using the pre-packaged sermons, graphic arts, videos and congregational study guide.

Friends, of Mark Burnett and Roma Downey seem to think the two  have sort of latched onto to using film and television specials to communicate the Gospel in quite an amazing way. Do you agree?