What If Your Presiding Bishop Like The Below Pic On Facebook, What Would Your Reaction Be?

Fix it Jesus!  The question that's being asked, should bishop have like the above pic on Facebook knowing darn well his many followers would not approve?

Frist off, I am cautious of what I click "like" on while on social media. And, I do not worship no person rather bishop or pastor. But, I do believe certain people should be held to a higher standard because of their position. Now, I understand that bishop, pastor, teacher is a man and men like to look at a beautiful woman, but some things just are not a good look, especially when you are in a particular role. And even Apostle Paul wrote that all things lawful aren't expedient, just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should.


  1. Folks not knowing how to act on social media should stay off social media. It will expose you.

  2. Haha people better be careful, I told y'all about that 'like' button! TROUBLE!!

  3. Social media has revealed the character of a lot of people who we would ordinarily be putting on a pedalstal. If he was my presiding bishop, I'd be disappointed and would rethink my membership because I would no longer be able to respect him as a man of God.

  4. 1. How do we know the person is a real bishop, let alone a presiding one?

    2. What's wrong with him "liking" a nice gluteus maximus? I'd rather see him approving that as opposed to him checking out another man.

    3. Does his "liking" this post define his whole character? If anyone in this thread haven't sinned...either by commision or omission...within the past seven days, please raise your hand.

    1. That's real my brother. It's so hard if not impossible to know what's what now-a-days.

  5. This is NO BIG shock, pimping preachers have always been around. Especially in the black community.

  6. Told y'all, Facebook is a snitch that don't care about you or your career.

  7. Mrs. Brock,I couldn`t agree wih you more

  8. @ Mike , how the heck do you prefer one sin over another. Him checking out a woman or a man is a sin under the category the lust of the eyes. Dude go somewhere with that.


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