Thanks Pastor Jamal Bryant For Introducing The World To A New Movement Hands Up, Don't Shoot The Movement!

Thanks to Pastor Jamal Bryant, son of Bishop John Richard Bryant (pastor at St. Paul AME Church, Cambridge, MA) and Rev. Cecilia Williams-Bryant, for introducing the world to a new movement. "Hands Up Don't Shoot!" 

 Pastor Bryant presented a history lesson around the Ferguson, MO. Michael Brown case, noting that Dred Scott and Baptiste Pointe DuSable, both African-American men, are buried near Ferguson establishing a case for Black men who have historically been disrespected. Scott and DuSable initially were buried in unmarked graves regardless of their contribution to America. Bryant’s sermon was strong and dynamic, resonating with all who were present, reminding us that we are a strong, resilient people who keep standing up to the injustices thrown at us, “The police officer Darren Wilson said, ‘he kept coming so I kept shooting.'”


  1. Go Pastor Bryant praying for you. Forget about the haters they aren't doing anything but running their ignorant mouths!

  2. Thank you Pastor Bryant I feel relieved knowing you are there
    I Appreciate you BlackMan#


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