Sometimes We Can Be Too Darn Stupid For Words??

Someone in one of my Facebook groups posted the above pic and the following comment to the group discussion. Now, I'm guessing he was advocating throwing this young man out of the community. What do you think?
 "According to Leviticus concerning LEPROSY. This guy is an UNCLEAN LEPER because it does not cover his entire body from head to toe... This is the curse TMH showed Moses, when he commanded him to place his hand inside of his bosom Mariam, Moses sister, was turned like this." 
Now if, this person would have done a simple google search he would have known that this is not LEPROSY but instead a pigmentation disease. Maybe vitiligo! 


  1. My friend has that disease and is a good man and will possibly get a spot in heaven before you simply because he loves unconditionally and isnt this ignorant...

  2. Doesn't look like leprosy.

  3. Its vitiligo. Not leprosy... Lmao

  4. It is vitiligo. Lupus also can cause pigmentation to do that. Google it. Cause it sure is not leprosy. Leprosy causes a scale to form and also ulcers.

  5. This is not leprosy. Leprosy causes limbs to shrivele and maybe even fall off over time if not treated.


  6. 1: This person has NO type of medical background or education

    2: They have SELECTIVE COMPASSION. Which is no compassion at all.

    Let's suppose someone does have leprosy.

    Do we as Christians just throw these people out of the community like day old garbage?

    Aren't we suppose to show the love of Christ to EVERYONE regardless of their medical condition?

    Didn't Christ show us his love and saved us while we were unclean in our sin?


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