Has Multiculturalism Handicapped The Church of God In Christ???

Lord have mercy, I do believe the grand ole church is headed for a future split. The old church heads or clashing with the young on what is acceptable and what's not acceptable for a future COGIC Church.

On Pastor Darryl Talton Cox, Facebook page he opens up a can of nasty worms.   Mr. Cox claims Christianity is a culture within itself, and when people come into COGIC worship settings, they need to experience the culture and the cultivation of the Christ we know.

 "BUT," our churches, particularly in urban communities have embraced a come as you are staying as you are conceptualized, and no longer an incentive to change your lifestyle and culture. I believe that homosexuals, thieves, murders, Liars, lesbians, and all of the people who are caught up in sin should feel welcome in our church, "BUT" they should feel uncomfortable about remaining in their sin and lifestyle and culture.

 These people need to get saved and not just feel accepted while they are in their mess. I stand in judgement of No one particular sin, because all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. "But" we need to get back to preach in the basics of true holiness and godliness, and then we will see a change in people's lives.

 Like it or not, multiculturalism has handicapped the Church of God in Christ. We must reverse this. The Lord spoke to me and gave me a word, as I am in the process of beginning to build this ministry. He said unto me (Son: I never called the church to embrace multiculturalism.)

Here are some of the many responses to Mr. Cox post in which many are suggesting that he is advocating for a new COGIC church by purging out the old.
This is a sad day for COGIC and the Christian church, Jesus is the head and we (believers) are the body. So apparently Darryl Talton Cox thinks COGIC is above the Christian church. He wants to create something new. There is no mention of COGIC in my Bible or any church that excludes people because they are from different cultures.
COGIC has more issues and scandals than any other church. I have attended my whole life. You can't tell me nothing. Most of the elders, supts and bishops I know have children out wedlock, been married more than once, ect. What are you talking about? I worship God, not religion.
For starters, sit the openly homosexual's down. Take them out the choir stands, off the music, out of leadership positions. Continue to have weekly Bible study with them.
Sit down with all the unwed mothers and those unwed pregnant sisters. Take them out of leadership positions. Continue personal Bible Study with them.


  1. Thank God COGIC is going to change. It already has. The older generation is holding on to power until the day they die, but they will die. I look forward to a church that is relevant to this generation. As COGIC stands today, it will split. I believe that a more multicultural and inclusive church will emerge. That is the world we live in today. We no longer live in our isolated black fundamentalist religious communities. With a click on a computer, I can communicate with nearly anyone anywhere. I can expand my consciousness and fellowship without leaving home if i choose. Either we change as a living organism does...or we die. Oh and if it matters, I am COGIC.

  2. Its not just the COGIC the church in general is stained with self-righteous hypocrits, who are out of touch, and sometimes hateful. It has to evolve. I believe that church as we know it is going to change entirely.

  3. I've gotten so that in conversation I distinguish a 'church' from the 'Ecclesia' and 'church members' from 'Christians'.

    This is not just a C.O.G.I.C. issue. Many churches have become about the spirit of the pastor and not about the Holy Spirit.

    It's transparent. It's obvious. And I ain't wit it....period.

    1. Precisely!! There is no discussion for me without first establishing which "church" people are referring to? The institutional church or the true church? One is alive....the other is a sad counterfeit. American Christianity is a joke. The American church is depressing, but these things must be. Much of it has been prophesied and in the end....all glory to God! God will have a church and I pray I am in it when He returns.


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