Church Announcement: James Fortune Will Be Throwing His Own Restortion Celebration!

New year, new beginning I ain't mad at Gospel Artist James Fortune for moving forward and leaving the old behind.  2014 have not been a stellar year for the Gospel star. This coming January in Philadelphia, PA, and surrounding area at the Liacouras Center there will be a "‎Restoration Celebration‬" like none other. According to James Facebook page, this will be a night of restoration & praise! Isaiah 61:7 instead of your shame there shall be a double portion; instead of dishonor they shall rejoice in their lot; therefore in their land they shall possess a double portion; they shall have everlasting joy!
PS: You read it here first!


  1. This gonna be crazy praise night!

  2. Powerful gathering of Ministers of the gospel.

  3. Some sheep are just so easily misled.

  4. Has there ever been a service of restoration for victims of domestic violence. Has the church ever taken a firm stand on violence against women? How does the church handle this very real ussue? Do they always celebrate the "reformed" abuser? What do they ever do for the victim? What message does the church send to young women?

  5. So the man who burned his stepson and recently beat his wife IS LEADING THE PRAISE SERVICE?

    Shouldn't there be some sort of confession, admission of sin, pleading for forgiveness?

    How about a Public apology for disrespecting his own family?

    Has ANYONE heard his wife speaking about the incident?

    This is exactly why some pastors (and apparently gospel singers) won't change their sinful behaviors. There is no confronting or dealing with the true issues of the heart that had them fall in the first place.

    "Let's just send him back on stage and call it good"
    Instead of finding out why
    A grown man chooses to put a toddler in burning hot water
    Why a husband would beat his own wife in front of his kids.

    This isn't restoration.
    It's rebranding the same product and expecting it to change.

    1. This is disgusting beyond words!! And again....a reminder of why I was done with institutional church as of this year. Folks celebrate harder for the liars,adulterers,thieves, and other lawless types more than they celebrate souls being truly saved and God's will being done!! This is sickening at best. People have made merchandise of God and the visible church is now nothing more than a den of thieves and robbers in the pulpits! They are headed to the lake and taking many many souls with them as they go. God is not a joke and not to be mocked. It's truly sad.

  6. Seems like he's trying to entertain himself into some kind of false, shallow restoration. And taking as many shallow folk with him. Just drama!

  7. He`s celebrating too early! He may feel like he is healed, but his wife`s broken bones are still healing. What in the world is he celebrating, and WHY? To justify himself before men. They in his company are his kind ! People need to stop being "Jelly Backs" and learn to say....NO! Money and Fame do not equal godliness! His P R people need to be .......SAT DOWN ! ! !

    "To have respect of persons is not good: for for a piece of bread that man will transgress" ( Proverbs 28:21 ).

  8. If you google most of the artist on the flyer and add the word scandal behind their name, you will clearly see they all have something in common...their names are attached to mess.

  9. That is so not true about all of these artists, unless you listen to idle gossip, which according to God's word is a sin. Furthermore, who takes stock in what the internet says these days? Anybody with a computer can put anything on the internet without any facts to substantiate it.


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