Young, Andrew Caldwell I Owe You An Apology, Please Accept.

After, having a talk on yesterday with someone, that  I highly respect. I have decided to remove the posts I had up surrounding, young Andrew Caldwell testimony of coming out. The footage showing young Caldwell, who renounces his homosexuality at the COGIC Holy Convocation event in St Louis, has since been viewed more than a million times, online.

My heart goes out to this innocent young man.  I'm thinking there should be plenty of guilty conscious in the COGIC organization right now.....but of course I know there' isn't. For some reason, I keep forgetting that today's church is run on the business model, where one doesn't need consciousness, at all.  Anyway, I believe young Andrew has found himself in a whirlwind that's not of his making and it's sad.  I'm praying to God, that he comes out of this storm better, than the way he went in.  This young man came forward with good intention last week at the COGIC Holy Convocation, when he announced to the world that he was set free from homosexuality. He's now trying to figure out what he did wrong, ABSOLUTELY   NOTHING!

Update, this was not a SCAM!
Even though, Bishop, Brandon Porter action, is what originally caused me to question if this was planned or not..... But according to some reliable sources, it was not a scam. Also, according to those same reliable sources, Bishop, Brandon Porter did nothing wrong.  Judging by all the different comments made by members of Bishop Porter church........he's known for pulling money out of his pocket and blessing the people of God with. So this was nothing new or strange for them to see, but it was for me.

 I'm in  prayer that God will shield, buffer and protect this young man as he ride out this storm, while keeping him away from those who are in sheep's clothing using him as a mockery.

 Update: Thanks, TJ@ Pimp Preachers for the clarification.


  1. I thought I was about to read an apology. Talking about misleading! smh

    1. Y'all internet trolls kill me.

    2. I want to believe the action of the bishop is oneof the reason, people are questionig if this real or not. Why hand out money?

    3. Bishop Blake has offered an apology to young Caldwell.

  2. It is "MY" blog therefore, it is "MY" apology. If you don't like it who cares. BYE!

  3. Let me get this straight...

    Caldwell is now "the internet's newest sensation" (his words, not mine), and he is receiving plenty of FREE PUBLICITY so he could advertise his books. Yet he is an innocent pawn?

    More like a willing accomplice if you ask me.

    1. Mike I truly do not believe this young man did anything wrong. This was a private moment that should not have been live stream.

  4. I saw a clip from a news station that claims this man is a con artist...they showed his mug shot...they called him for comments but he told them to call his manager!!! Why did the preacher give him a $100 bill and his "deliverance" is what Im trying to understand....

  5. Shame on the church:Saturday, 15 November, 2014

    Well as usual, the media will add and subtract what they will about a story to make it interesting. I seen a post that apparently was from this same young man. It was his testimony of what lead him to this lifestyle-raped as a child. Seems as if folks conveniently forgot THAT part.


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