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Sad, To See Another Church Close It Doors Because Of Financial Problems and Predatory Lending Practices By A Bank.

Reader according to research, on an average day in the United States, nine churches close their doors for good. This isn’t often talked about, partly because it’s not exactly breaking news. Church professionals know the trends: church membership and religious affiliation are declining. Relatively few churches are growing. It’s particularly hard to talk about your own church’s demise. It’s not easy to say what sometimes needs to be said: “It’s time for our church to close.”

Religious leaders in Bridgeport announced last Saturday that one of the biggest churches in the city was shutting down this past week.  Parish officials say the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit on Union Avenue is in foreclosure and the bank will take possession of the building. According to former Bishop Kenneth Moale's wife, the church is in need of $150,000 by this past Monday to keep the bank from foreclosing on the church.

Why Is The World Now Starting To Turn Against Bill Cosby?

The Washington Post has an article about the takedown of Bill Cosby. More than a few critics of our community are mere opportunists seeking a quick media buck and Cosby became their shill in my opinion.
Folks are questioning why Cosby settled? Is it because he had the big bucks and wanted to retain the reputation that he had made for himself as a scholar / role model and America's "# 1 dad"?.

According to reports, these accusations were in several states (Florida, California, NY, Pennsylvania) and the alleged actions had similar patterns. If any of this would have gone to trial, even if he were not found liable, his reputation would have tarnished beyond repair and that would have been the end of his lucrative Hollywood career.

I'm not knowledgeable enough to comment on the recent allegations against Mr Cosby; however, Dr. Cosby spent an awful amount of energy commenting on the pathologies of the black community that reared and nurtured him. Wished he would have spent more time commenting on its triumphs and achievements and there are many.


  1. Just keep thinking about the fact that 13 women have come forward to accuse Bill Cosby of rape. 13! that we know of.

  2. This generation knows nothing about Bill Cosby’s sexual assault cases. They swept that sh*t so far under the rug and folk be listening to his advice like his words are golden.

    1. The woman allegedly raped by Bill Cosby is now thanking comic Hannibal Buress for exposing him & giving her the courage to speak up. How about that!


  3. There's Even MORE Evidence the Media Shelters Rapists.....Hell, I wasn't aware of the Bill Cosby story until *YESTERDAY*.

  4. Our sins will find us out. Now I'm starting to wonder if this is the reason Lisa Bonet left the show twice and refuses to do reunions for the show.

  5. I’m not really sure what to make of this. On the one hand, you have this guy who has been a part of Hollywood for decades, and Hollywood people are just weird. Eventually, many of them get into things just because they can do it unchallenged. On the other hand, his celebrity makes him a target for this kind of thing. I’m sure of the cheating part, because I remember that woman who claimed he was her father…but a serial rapist…wow. The fact that women are corroborating each other stories after they know what the claims are, is not proof enough for me. People tend to believe that no one would ever say something about someone that isn’t true, but I know people will sometimes lie for a variety of reasons, sometimes simply for not liking someone. The one who went to his house…come on! At some point, women have to realize and accept the dangers of going to a strange man’s house. A flag should have gone up as soon as he said, “Come to my house to discuss your career.” That says, we can talk, but we’ll be HERE, where it’s convenient for other things to happen.

  6. Why would Bill Cosby rape a woman when he could have had any woman he wanted? the comedian that so called blasted Bill Cosby is just trying to make a name for himself... and this woman clearly made a name for herself on the shoulders of Bill Cosby... I believe she used him as a sugar daddy...

    1. Or.....the comedian was approached by other unseen parties to be an instrument to out Bill Cosby's dirt, whilst also making a larger name for himself, as he already had a decent career. Bottom line, if Bill Cosby raped these women, it was because he felt that he could. Narcissists don't need "good reasons" to do what they do. They simply do as they please.

  7. Mr. Cosby has obviously made the wrong people in Hollywood mad at him smh...he finally blew it after all these years. His handlers kept this dirt hidden for a long time!! It's all tumbling out now though. Whose toes did he step on??? They are taking him down and we all have a front row seat to observe the train wreck that is was his legacy!

  8. Bill Cosby, like all of us, should just confess our sins and stop trying to hide behind some "perfect image" of falsehood. If that's what he's doing, that's probably why the dirt is coming out.


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