Should The COGIC Church Be Rebuke For Saying One Thing While Doing Another?

Is the COGIC sending a mixed message, on the subject of homosexuality?  Some folks seem to think so. 

 On Sunday, Nov. 16, we in the Christian community got to see first hand and hear the Presiding Bishop of the Church of God In Christ openly rebuked one of its own for using strong language, while speaking out against homosexuality. The church has since apologized, to the young man who had claimed deliverance from homosexuality.

Anyhow, the below video is now causing some in the community to question the old church stand on homosexuality and, are they sending a mixed message?

Last month, Sunday, October 5, 2014, Bishop Charles E. Blake and West Angeles Church of God In Christ presented Praise Break ‘14. Which featured John P. Kee and the New Life Community Choir, along with the West Angeles Mass Choir. As quiet as it's kept, some in the world of social media is questioning why was Tonex called on stage during this event to sing and not call to repentance? Especially when one is to consider Tonex lifestyle:
 " Is Tonex still living the homosexual lifestyle? IF HE IS, then sadly this is a case of no discernment/rebuke of COGIC and a method of approving of lifestyles in an effort for that person to showcase their talent without focusing upon the issue of habitual sin in that person's life."


  1. Yes, there is a mixed message going forth from the church. How you are going to be against homosexuality and support it at the same time. Something is wrong with this picture.

  2. When did John P Kee get so darn Big? I remember him as a kid he was never remotely huge like this he was just tall I hope he gets healthier...and I am not feeling ZERO from those two men up there yodeling and screaming.

  3. Is Tonex yodeling?? Black folks need to stop.


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