Say What? Is It True, This Year Church Of God In Christ Convocation Was A Coming Out Event For Members Of The Gay Community???

Lord have mercy, Church Folks Revolution has put up a "video" that's sure to go viral. The video in question is one of  Superintendent Earl Carter going rogue, at this year’s Church of God in Christ’s 107th annual Holy Convocation. According to the church folks Revolution someone scheduled the wrong Pastor to speak and they have obtained, the video to prove it.

 According to the video COGIC Superintendent went all the way off on Pastors and Gay Choir Directors. Pimp Preacher has learned that this year Church of God in Christ Convocation appeared at times like a “coming out party” for members of the gay community – and apparently this is what caused Superintendent Earl Carter to go rogue.


  1. Oh my god he went in and didn't hold back at all.

  2. Those types of people have been in the COGIC ever since I was a little girl in the early Fifties. The Leaders and saints didn't root them out, pray them out, fast them out, or cast them out and now they cant , get them out. I left the organization long ago, but those spirits are everywhere it seems. May God help us all to speak the truth in love !

  3. This is nothing new for Carter, strong, but much needed teaching from Dr. Earl Carter.

  4. It is an open secret that COGIC is rife with Homosexuals in leadership and in Music. This Preacher spoke the Truth. Will there be any change or will people continue to follow just for the sake of belonging? Time will tell.
    It is not just COGIC. Many of the denominations have this problem. Sad!

  5. I'm glad Dr. Carter wasn't afraid to "Speak The Truth".....Thank you Dr. Carter for not "Sugar Coating" your message.

  6. Great job Superintendent Carter!


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