Question Of The Day: Should There Be A Size Limit To The "BIG" Church Lady Hats?

Salute To The Big COGIC Hat:

Lord have mercy, does a big hat give some women's attitudes and make them stand up straight and walk proud, or what?  Is there a reason that some women call their big hat crowns?
Personally, I love hats for some women, but I am not a fan of the big lamp shade, flying saucer, stovepipe, flashy church lady hats.

I am talking about the kind like in the above pics.... The kind that no one wants to be stuck sitting behind on any Sunday morning because you can see nothing but hats. So, are you a fan of the big church lady hat?


  1. That hat is too darn big and wide. Who does that?

  2. I am obsessed with hats. I love it.

  3. The old ladies at my church still wear big hats. Like you said rule number one of big hats, don't sit behind a lady wearing them. Totally blocks the view of the podium.HAHA!

  4. That's how we roll in the grand ole COGIC. Especially at convocation. fashion Fashion FASHION! lol I bit overboard but in this arena, think of it more as a costume.

    1. Hehe, Anonymous overboard is what I would say also.

    2. Atleast she won't get wet in a rain storm

    3. Those hats were supposed to be for the Circus, so why are they wearing them to service ? I would hate to have to sit behind those Sisters! Plus, she may not get wet in a rain storm but, she wont see that big truck coming either !

  5. Looks like more Negro nonsense.

  6. Yes! They look like they're wearing colorful satellite dishes on their heads!

  7. Add a red nose and over size shoes and they'll look like clowns.

  8. I swear, church is a trip!! And lord forbid visiting a mega church. The women are so stuck up. Especially if they hv been there for so many yrs, or if their husband holds some position within the church, they hv their lil "best dressed, more money than you, you cant sit with us." clicks. And oh my they'll give their life for "passa."

    I've always laughed at the women with the hats though. I mean hats like this are to block the sun! Hellooo, church picnic maybe yes. The only church where there's sun shinning in is The Crystal Cathedral. Most church folk are so weird. Y'all want the lost souls to come to God cuz church is supposed to be a hospital for sick souls, and all that, which is cool! But with some of the lil represtatives I've seen...umm, no! I continue my walk with God at my house, all I need is my bible. No fashion show, no judging, & no silly church gossip. And no big oversized hats!

    That's all!

  9. Your correct about the church being a hospital for sick souls. A person`s soul/mind has got to be sick, if they think that this type of accessory is presentable for the House Of God. That is such a colossal distraction ! She may as well have put a large pot on her head because it would have looked just as silly . They use to say way back in the day that, "A well dressed woman always wears a hat". Now, I personally love to wear my caps and my Mr Songs hats, but this is outlandish and it looks foolish. Not cute or classy at all, in my opinion !


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