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California Become The First State In America To Legally Recognize A Third Gender!

Reader what y'all think? California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed into law legislation that recognizes a third gender option for driver’s licenses and birth certificates. Gender is no longer either male or female, according to the state of California. ‘It means that when somebody looks at my license, it’s not going to be as confusing to them.’ Gov. Jerry Brown on Sunday signed into law legislation that recognizes a third gender option for driver’s licenses and birth certificates. Starting in 2019, Californians will be able to identify themselves as not just male or female, but “nonbinary.” The bill was one of many Brown left to the last day of the Oct. 15 deadline to either sign or veto.


I Support This Petition: Don't Jail Christians For Feeding The Homeless!

Faithful America:
Should Christians have to obey an unjust law? What do you think?

For more than two decades, 90-year-old chef Arnold Abbott has led a group of church volunteers in serving trays of hot food to the hungry and homeless in public parks and beaches in Fort Lauderdale. But a few weeks ago, the city passed a cruel law that outlaws the distribution of food to homeless people in public.

So this past Sunday, when he began serving food, the police showed up and yelled "drop that plate!" They immediately took Abbott into custody and charged him, along with two local pastors. "I don't think the city has a right to tell us we can't feed the homeless," said one of the pastors. "This is breaking my Christian vows."

 When asked what comes next, the pastor simply said: "Continuing to feed them." The men are facing hefty fines and up to 60 days in jail, but they're refusing to back down -- they were cited and charged again on Wednesday -- so we need to stand with them.


  1. America is in a mess, especially Florida. You know something is wrong with a country when it's ok to shoot someone dead but not ok to feed someone who needs it?

  2. Cop has questions.

    Who are the politicians that proposed this bill,
    Which ones signed it into law?

    Did they get re-elected?
    If they did, we need to remember some names for next election.

    How soon can they take this law off the books?

    Can some of these high profile men of God go to Florida and pay for this groups legal fees and fight for these men so they don't spend 1 day in jail for taking care of those less fortunate.

    1. You know I'm sure all right-thinking Christians are OK with it.

    2. Cop, something is wrong when we are arresting compassionate people for doing what the bible actually does say.

  3. Abbot: We will never stop feeding the poor; to do so would be to cease worship of Jesus Christ."These are the poorest of the poor. They have nothing; they don't have a roof over their heads," Abbot said Wednesday. He added that a police officer ordered him to drop the plate of food he was holding, as if it were a weapon, the AP reported." One brave man.

  4. What a contemptuous and petulant mayor! Shame on Jack Seiler, Mayor of Ft. Lauderdale! doesn't look like he has missed NOT ONE meal!


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