History Making Move In Jacksonville, FL: Black And White Church Merge With Hopes To Improve Race Relations!

Fantastic! Pastor, HB Charles is a fantastic preacher and expositor. According to Frist Coast News, in the coming year a predominately African-American Church (Shiloh) in Jacksonville will take over a mainly white church in Orange Park, FL.  The senior pastors of both churches say it's the first time they've heard of such a merger.

 "We're excited about what the Lord is doing and the opportunity He's provided for us," said Michael Clifford, Pastor of Ridgewood Baptist Church in Orange Park.

Earlier this year, Clifford said financial obligations were becoming such a concern, he was worried about losing the property. He says merging was one of the only ways out. "Shiloh was the answer to our prayers," he said.


  1. HA! I was ready to applaud this effort until I read the article which wasted no time in spelling out the TRUE agenda behind the merger, "The church was struggling financially". Enough said! So this was not done with the initial intent of breaking down the racial divide.It's all about money.

    1. Abraham's Daughter!Thursday, 20 November, 2014

      Bessie you are so right! Black folk are always willing to save Masta. The article states that the white Church was struggling. So the Black Church money is good enough to help them out. Get out of here!

  2. Shiloh is my church and my kids are excited about meeting the youth from Ridgewood. God is good and greatly to be praised.

  3. Some folks are not going to like this comment, but here you go: There is no such thing as racial harmony in a place where the very foundation is built on white supremacy the white Christian church is conservative and republicans the black is liberal and Democrat so do you think you will change there politics. .no but there plan is to alter yours they know you have such a desire to be excepted that you would do anything to meet that goal how bout you test there sincerity how bout you ask them to embark upon a fact finding mission in search of the true origin ans leneage of Christ and change his image according to what you discover and if they do that then you can by that measure there sincerity, the church isvthe last stronghold of segregation and this little experiment wont change that dont be fooled AGAIN i read yesterday someone said that when the missionaries came to africa with there bible they had bibles and africans had the land now the africans have the bibles and they have the land to many black people pray with there eyes closed open your eyes before you lose what little you have.

  4. Lol another way of making more money for the collection plate! I will pass.

  5. I don't know why any church's goal would be diversity. Diversity with in itself is not a virtue.


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