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Christian Rapper LeCrae Just Stumble Upon Some Real Truth On His Own Facebook Page.

As quiet as it's kept, Grammy-award winner Lecrae Moore has found out via his own Facebook page just how mean and ugly some in the Kingdom of GOD can be.  White conservative racism and Christianity what a mix. Lecrae posted the following comment to his Facebook page and "BAM" the racist came for him:
 "Sometimes I wonder how we get so up in arms and culturally empathize with people in other countries. But can't do that in our own backyard. We rushed to Haiti. We Adopt in Asia. We empathize with Africa. But struggle to humanize our struggles here in the states. Some people are responding out of hurt and are met with smug responses. If I tell you my brother got killed in a gang war, would you tell me "That's what he gets! Shouldn't be gang banging!" Of course not. As a Christian I see a Jesus empathize with the MOST undeserving people ever. 
He offers a thief on the cross a home in Paradise. He dies for a rioting mob of angry killers. He looks upon a sinful world with compassion. And here we stand saying we believe that and all the while unfazed at the pain of a community. Offering statements that don't comfort but only add salt to a wound we refuse to see. It's hurtful. I don't want anything to do with that kind of "Churchianity". When, "I lost respect for you!" is said toward my expression of pain, all I hear is "Get over it!" If only it were that easy. If you are disappointed in me. Well you clearly can't understand my pain. This Ferguson case was a mascot for something much bigger. Something people want to hope for. A dream. A dream that has been etched in our hearts for hundreds of years. A dream yet unrealized. If this is incoherent it's cause it's written by an imperfect hurting human being."

Commenter Josh Young:
" Acknowledging my bias as a white conservative male looking at going into law enforcement: This Ferguson case is full of misinformation and once again media sensationalism. Racism and police brutality are problems certainly, but those concepts weren't on trial, Wilson was. The jury was charged to examine the evidence in this case, not social tensions. The facts were deemed by people who know the most out of all of us to be insufficient. That doesn't mean racism doesn't exist, it just means that Wilson shouldn't have to be made into an atoning sacrifice to pay for centuries of injustice."
  It's sad when, Fox News watching bigots are Christians.

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  1. Umm most of the racist bigots are white southern "christians". They've been using the bible for years to justify their superiority complex against non-whites. Fox News is and always has been an extension of that.

    1. LaCrea, thanks for keeping the peace in the ATL...Unlike other artist who have been in the business longer than you...At least you were not afraid to come forth....Right..K. Franklin, T.D Jakes, T. Perry, Oprah, and where was Jessie Jackson???

  2. I'm not always the biggest Lecrae lover, but LOVE this. Absolutely love.

    1. Lecrae said most of what I am feeling. If you are confused by our hurt...that's the point. If you are asking why are these people roiting...that's the point. If you are saying this is justice and so "get over it"...that's the point. What point you say...it's the point you are missing.

  3. "This Ferguson case was a mascot for something much bigger."

    Indeed, it was. Somehow, no one gets that. No one understands where all the HOPE manifested from. As for the Christian references, as straight-forward and compassionate as this young man's allusions are, our "Christian" brothers and sister still find fault. The fact that he even felt the need to address those "disappointed" followers, makes me sick to my stomach, because he said nothing wrong

  4. He captured my thoughts! Unless you are a black man in America, you don't get it I am not saying the response is right, but I am saying the pain is real.

  5. At least someone shares my pain! I love you Lecrae. I love you because of the truth. Some people are more interested in their image and ego than just speaking the truth. They would rather not speak their mind because If they do, the media and people would hate them.

  6. Abraham's Daughter!Tuesday, 25 November, 2014

    Thank you Lecrae!!!! Very well said indeed. It has saddened me to see some of my White Christian brothers and sisters posts this morning about what's going on in Ferguson.

  7. This is a comment I found under the post, white folks are a dam trip!

    I had started to have questions about Lecrae and his intent a while back. After seeing this post, I will make sure that my kids no longer listen to his music or support him in any way. Anyone that can support what is going on in Ferguson, MO will NOT be allowed in my home or my children's ears. How can a Christian support this destruction, rioting, looting, etc?!? I am sickened by his statements! Officer Wilson protected his life that day...as he should have! Who is concerned for his well-being and the fact that his life will never be the same? My heart breaks for the family of Michael Brown. It doesn't matter if he was a saint or a sinner, it is always a tragedy for a parent to bury a child. But supporting what these THUGS are doing up there??? It's complete ignorance! I cannot believe this is happening in this country because a cop who happens to be white had to shoot and fatally wound a man who happens to be black in order to go home to his family that day. What happened to everyone who loved Martin Luther King Jr. And thought he hung the moon? Have you considered his words because I can assure you, this is NOT what he wanted to see in the future when he said "I hope that someday we will live in a world in which a man is judged not by the color of his skin but the content of his character." Truth is, had Darren Wilson been a black officer...nothing would be on fire right now and Michael Brown would still be dead.

    1. That person speaks for about 90% of white america. SAD!

    2. If that officer was black and the person white he would be in jail.

  8. Thats just it...white bigots or any other bigot will not inherit the kingdom of God! Hate will not be in Gods kingdom. He is a holy God who died for ALL people so let them keep it up....they will give an account and be sent straight to the lake of fire smh...it's very sad to see so many people who can't see past skin...skin...skin...won't see Jesus. You can't have hate toward Gods creation and call what He has made unclean and expect Him to be ok with it!


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