A Preacher's Son Tell How He Maintain His Faith In Hollywood, While Working The Club On Saturday Night And The Church On Sunday Morning!??!?!?

Christian Post:

Celebrity DJ Jae Murphy recently opened up about how he maintains his faith in Hollywood while producing secular music. Murphy, who makes a living as the official DJ for Eric Bellinger and Problem, ultimately plans to use his platform for a much greater purpose that goes well beyond entertaining.
"This industry is evil man, it's cold. You will see some things, hear some things and not want to believe [what] would be manifested in front of you," he said adding that ultimately he believes that his experience will allow him to help others. "I feel like I could be a voice to somebody's trial or tribulation. I'm not perfect but [regarding] maintaining your faith ... if you're confident in who you are as an individual you'll be perfectly fine."


  1. I pray that he keeps his head straight in the industry. We need Christians in the industry who are strong enough to avoid the anti-Christ behavior demonstrated by our recording artists today. Also, eventually he will have to leave as artists are doing everything they can to push the envelope morally in their music and videos.

  2. Seems like he has good intentions. I hope he's strong in his faith, and don't slip and become one of those wolves. It's such a smooth, unnoticeable transition, those lines can so easily become blurred.

    Prayers go out to him, he's really in the heart of the snake pit.


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