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Sports Illustrated Model Ashley Graham Says Her Pastor Follows Her On Instagram!

Reader in my humble opinion, this is nothing short of ridiculous. She has beautiful features and is drop dead gorgeous. But in lingerie, with half of her tits and behind showing, she’s being nothing less than sensual sex object, plain and simple. This is not just an opinion... it is a fact and the truth. She needs to find another vocation that is glorifying to God. I don't see how in the world GOD can get the glory out of this foolishness but her pastor yes. 

Sign The Petition: Do Black American Christians Stand With Pope Francis In His Push For A More Welcoming Church?


Should the church be more welcoming and acceptable of the spiritual gifts and sacrificial love of same sex couples in the church? Some are saying, NO! What are your thoughts?

Pope Francis has called the world's top Catholic bishops together for a meeting on faith and family, and the draft document they've produced is reverberating across the globe. Instead of repeating hurtful language describing LGBT people as "intrinsically disordered," the bishops are considering recognizing the spiritual gifts and sacrificial love of same-sex couples, and calling for them to be more fully welcomed into the church.

 But already, right-wing American activists are trying to force the bishops to backtrack. Even before the document was released, prominent evangelicals and conservative Catholics sent a letter to Pope Francis urging him to double-down on culture-war politics instead of reconsidering the church's pastoral practices. Now one right-wing Catholic organization has labeled the document "a betrayal," and one of the highest-ranking Americans serving in the Vatican have said that "faithful shepherds of the flock cannot accept" it.

 With just days left before the bishops conclude their meeting and finalize the document, there are worrying media reports that conservatives could succeed in watering it down. So American Christians of all stripes who stand with Pope Francis need to speak out in support. If you agree sign the petition here.


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