Shut Up: Steve Harvey Could Have Declined The Offer, From Paula Deen's Team, But He Didn’t.

Oh, how true the following statement is: Not everyone that teaches our children LOVES our children.
 In my opinion, Steve is getting paid - he really doesn't care about securing a more suitable mentor even if that mentor were white - this is about Paula restoring her brand and Steve getting paid, bottom line. Many folks have criticized the decision Steve Harvey made in choosing Paula Deen instead of a Black chef for teaching culinary skills to boys from the Steve Harvey Mentoring Camp.

Oh, how I love take on this: You can love Steve Harvey or you can hate Steve Harvey, it really doesn't matter. Steve Harvey, is at the top of his game and his reach is great and wide. Steve could have declined the offer from Paula and her team, but he didn’t. And apparently he doesn’t give a d*m what you or I think about it. Well said!


  1. Not a good idea Steve!! Such an opportunist!

  2. When I saw Steve Harvey perform live at the Kings of comedy fourteen years ago, he would joke about doing anything for money. Today he is literally hustling to do anything for money...even selling out!

  3. Paula Deen shouldn't be mentoring black boys when we have so many black men that are chefs in the community. I, myself know of 4 chefs that I went to school with and they doing they thing, so why would you go outside the community??!!

  4. Apparently Steve is getting paid from a "Higher Source To Help Paula Deen Restore Her Image". What's wrong with you Steve? You could of asked "Chef G. Garvin, Chef Sunny Anderson or Gina or Pat Neely.....Really Steve???? How Low can you go???

    1. I agree anonymous,this stunt is for monetary gain and favor from racist. Steve Harvey has turned full blown COON for the love of money and status quo, this has absolutely nothing to do with forgiveness!

  5. Found this on Facebook: “I just know the good in her. That’s all I know. And it outweighs the bad by a landslide,” - Steve Harvey on his new collaboration with Paula Deen in getting her to help "mentor" 100 Black boys.
    The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation offers a "four-day, three-night interactive program designed to share and teach the principles of manhood to young men between the ages of 13-18, who live in a single, female-head of household". The cost is $2500 per child.
    While the media has been calling these black boys fatherless, we know that is more than likely not the case according to CDC statistical data on father involvement studies completed in 2013. But is this really what Steve Harvey thinks these boys need, a racist white woman to teach them how to cook unhealthy heart attack food?
    Or is this him trying to acquire more racist suspect viewers for the day time tv program he hosts. The shows key demographic is among women 25-54, ethnic breakdown not provided but he is being called the New Oprah Winfrey of daytime television. Oprah's key demographic was white soccer moms.
    Steve Harvey also said he does not give a damn what Black people blogging on the matter think about his collaboration Paula Deen.

  6. It's takes a man to mentor a boy. There are mentoring programs out there. There's nothing she can teach them that their own mother can't.

  7. es just wants to follow in Oprahs shoes...another black celeb. that is willing to sell every inch of themself out to have MONEY AND FAME!!!! I dont care for or support anyone who feels like they need fit in with White society...all the famous black men leave black women to do so and still keep their same bad habits(like cheating on all the women they get with and are on drugs and are abusive) yet they say black women are undatable...I feel like he should say I want to show her that black men have been through hell and I want to show u [paula] to know they are capable of great things ....maybe thats his thinking but to say he doesnt give a damn about what black ppl think...the black men are black and to mix a white women in the mix is to me like hes saying ignore what shes saying and like her anyway...thats some bullshh...!!!! When she may not really like them.


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