Pastor Juan McFarland Was officially Sued On Tuesday!

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Lord have mercy, the vast majority of the members of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church are afraid to go to church for the fear of violence. The lawyers for Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church deacons filed a lawsuit in Montgomery Circuit Court against the controversial minister who admitted to sex on the church grounds, with church members, all while being HIV-positive.

 The deacons have been told if they showed up to attend services again, they would invoke "castle law," also known as "castle doctrine." Complaint. Shiloh.pdf." The lawsuit seeks an end to McFarland's tenure; an end to any threats; removal of new locks to the church; a return of control of the bank accounts at Regions Bank; and a freeze on church assets, including the church's Mercedes Benz vehicle.

A Judge has banned Rev. Juan McFarland, 47, from the church. A preliminary injunction was issued, as sought by deacons and trustees of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church. It was ruled that the Reverend must turn in his church keys, his church Mercedes vehicle and then stay away from the church he led for 24 years. The judge scheduled a hearing Dec. 1 to decide whether to issue a permanent injunction.


  1. The congregation messed up in a lot of ways.
    1. They allowed their by-laws to be changed over a year and 10 months ago... They should have questioned the by-laws and brought suit when it was first changed, not after they no longer want the pastor...

    1. 2. The National Baptist Convention doesn't control local congregations... Therefore the church isn't governed by The National Baptist Convention... Each Baptist Church is independently self governed...

      3. The church must stop diminishing their governing boards because of the personalities of the pastors they attract. No one man is in charge of a congregation, to have it so rules out accountability...

      4. I wonder did the church give the pastor lifetime status? Some congregations are stuck with pastors even when the relationships are toxic, simply because the congregation signed over their rights...

    2. I feel for this congregation and pray that God will intervene...


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