Lord Have Mercy: New Life Holiness Church Pastor Frederick Smith Have Taken Legal Action, To Limit What Talk Show Host Thaddeus Matthew Can Say On-air???

Action News 5:
A Memphis pastor says it may take more than prayer to silence controversial talk show host Thaddeus Matthews. He's now filed a lawsuit over what he calls slanderous allegations involving sex and corruption. Talk show host Matthews has made a career of stirring things up on radio and now cable access T. V. So he says a new legal issue is no surprise. "I got my legal problems, and those things are what they are," Matthews said. The latest comes courtesy of New Life Holiness Church pastor Frederick Smith.

 He claims in a newly filed suit that Matthews defamed him. The lawsuit says false statements by Matthews include that Smith "had sex with his adult nephew," "is HIV positive," and that he maintains "female concubine in a home in East Memphis." "The end goal would be--these people, he's poisoned their mind with the negative things--that they will receive the positive things of the gospel and live a more productive life," Smith said. Smith is also seeking millions of dollars in damages from Matthews and SVP Network, which produces his show. He's also seeking a limit to what Matthews can say on-air. He says his congregation has Matthews in their prayers. Meanwhile, Matthews says his crusade against corrupt preachers will continue. Both sides are expected in court later this week.


  1. So In other words Smith wants to muzzle the Ox?

  2. Thaddeus Matthews is a bitter joke. He language is vile and he has no business making up these stories. It is already in court documents that he pays people to say things on air. He fabricates lab test, street testimonies, etc., to get a rating for his 150 listeners. He is disrespectful and degrading to women, men, children, pastors, church goers, homosexuals and humankind in general. Do your research readers! He out on a high bound for so many other violations. His facebook page has been taken down and his whole operation needs to be brought to a hault. He has a fetish for men, namely young boys and pastors within COGIC. He follows pastors and men of the clergy around stalking them literally. He harasses them by phone, email and through blogs. He is not a respectable journalist and is a perfect example of bootleg bafoonery. There are dozens of pastors Thaddeus continues to harass over a near 15-20 year period. They do well to ignore him. Because the main ones he goes after lead successful churches rich in membership. Let's support responsible credible journalism. Notice none of these salacious stories are on real tv and blogs.

  3. This is Thaddeus Matthews and the coward poster who chooses to remain anonymous must be con and scam artist Smith himself. there is no court documents that support anything that the anonymous poster states. but there are documents that show that he fooled his people into thinking they were COGIC while taking money from The Churches of the Nazerene in fact he borrowed $275,000 had to legally change his name to The Memphis New Life Holiness Church of the Nazerene. There are document that show that he did not pay back the money but placed his debt in Bankruptcy. Speaking of documents which can be viewed at the Shelby county registar site that shows that the smiths run a for profit daycare named Crestview Daycare where that have over 10 IRS liens where they have taken money out of the checks to go to the IRS but as of yet has never arrived. speaking of documents there is a document that was placed on cars at the church where a gay male speaks of Smith paying him for sex using church funds. Speaking of documents that is a police report where Smith says that he was attacked at about 9 at night in Memphis but when the police found the young man Smith refused to press charges, that same young man in a interview on my tv show states that Smith attempted to make sexual advances. It is truth that I have taken on corrupt preachers in the area and will continue to do so. there is no one including any judge that can silence me thank God for the First Amendment. if you want to contact me 9019493000

    1. Mr. Matthew Iam a fan and supporter of your effort, please don't get pulled off your mission by folks on the sideline. I believe what you are doing is great and it's much needed voice. If you would no have exposed this pastor, those church members would not even know to what level this man had gone to. Keep up the good work. Being a radical as in regards of change ain't easy. You are what's needed in this day and time. You will be surprise in how many people support you.

  4. I have meet Frederick Smith and his wife in local church events in the past. I am extremely shocked to hear of this information.


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