Lord Have Mercy, Lisa Raye Is Now The New Motivational Life Coach, For A Fee?

Jesus fix-it, Lisa Raye, is now being accused of taking advantage of God's poor people, by charging them a whopping $399 to know her "secrets". The comments on her Facebook page or something else!

 In my mind, I'm thinking some folks are lost and very dependent on other people that it is not even funny.  People need to turn off these stupid reality shows and start using their God given senses. Stop following other folks, especially celebrities.


  1. I don't knock the hustle but everyone has the same motivation and is equip with the same drive. You just have to want it just as bad. We can do it! You either want it or u don't why pay someone for advice and then don't follow it. Every path is different and what works for her may not work for. There are so many YouTube self help videos that is giving the same information for free. Trust Me! It is a mindset once ur mind is set u can do anything.

    1. I don't knock any body's hustle, but truthfully speaking, if you don't have any motivation, or you lack the drive that it takes to reach your goals then you can watch all the videos attend all the workshops you want. And it's not going to help you! You gotta have goals to achieve them! Most of the time we already have the answers to our own questions! I'm sure we could find plenty of people in our own communities to inspire us! Problem is we don't look to those people to do so, we want to look to the kardashians and the real housewives ,when truth be told their entertainers, and for entertainment purposes only! !!! When you want better you do better.

  2. The bible says "faith without works is dead"!!!! She already has money and just trying to get more - I love it - if everybody had a hustle we wouldn't need welfare. IJS!

  3. Why would anyone invest a dime in to her motivational program?

  4. Didn't she JUST GET BAPTIZED last week?

    Now she's Coaching Christians at the "special" rate of $399.

    Just because you were engaged to a pastor (Noel "the player"Jones) doesn't give you he ability to start coaching life.


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