G. Craig Lewis: A Message To Christian Rappers!

This is a good read. 

Minister G. Craig Lewis, has gotten a message from the Lord. That was given to him in response to the opposition, he has received from the Christian rap community. Minster Lewis says, he's not coming against Christian rap or any other form of Christian music. He supports any music that supports the Kingdom of God and his righteousness. But he does not believe that the Hip Hop culture that exists today is to be glorified, praised, or utilized to reach any sinners or to change the hearts of unbelievers.WOW!


  1. Love g.craige lewis and the EXministries!

  2. Good message. I didn't know some Christian rappers spoke against the church. All bad.

  3. Powerful Word from Elder G. Craig Lewis.

  4. Abraham's Daughter!Saturday, 04 October, 2014

    Definitely a great read, and awesome food for thought.

  5. We'll,I usually don't get involved in these conversations. However, this has me on the edge of my seat. First of all, the bible doesn't say "the pastor" or local church will establish anyone for ministry. I don't believe believer's should follow any culture, sect, or cult. Mankind was made in God's image and likeness to give HIM glory so our goal is to grow in spiritual maturity to become fully matured son's and daughter's of God. However, the immaturity of many spiritual leaders has bewitched babes in Christ to be financially, emotionally, and spiritually broken. Many dreams and visions have been thwarted because the immature spiritual leaders have enslaved babes for the support of their own visions. The word says seek ye first the kingdom which doesn't mean seek the approval of a pastor to make a major purchase or who to marry. There are many more wicked things going on inside of the spirit, souls, and bodies of denominational and non-denominational organizations that are actually harming people just as much as secular rap. Therefore to discuss the scriptures that talk about how things and people were destroyed for disobedience and using things that were invented by the wicked or for wicked uses needs to be sharedd with wisdom. I'm sure you remember the word that made Miles Monroe so popular about "Purpose." Well I'm sure many of us are eating, driving, washing, working with and for companies and organizations who's foundation and or fortune was and is founded in wickedness and many of us know that. If there's a need for the betterment of mankind especially for the people of God, HE will use them by HIS wisdom to get it done when we aren't spiritually mature enough to do it. How many inventions that improved the quality of our lives were done by the wicked or unbelievers? The bottom line is that we need God's love above all things wrapped up in HIS knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to win soul's to Christ. There are many hurt Christians who trusted and believed that their church's storehouse was full, only to find out that the excruciating amount of debt their church had made them not have any ability to assist them when the economy flopped. Let's turn our hearts and focus on God and maturing HIS people so that none will be tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine. The idea of telling people to throw away their Christian rap music is ridiculous! How about reflecting God the Father and not looking for the glory and approval of men. Remember king Herod, (Acts 12:21-23) did not give God the glory but made an oration unto himself and was eaten of worms. I could go on but I'll stop here. Remember when something or someone is uncovered and we discover what is there, the spiritual mature need to recover them with the love and word of God!

  6. This was probably one of the "best" articles that I have ever read.

  7. Facebook Comment: Wow, that felt like a really long article... It was a very religious assessment of Christion rap... Unfortunately, he seems to have a wrong impression of Christian rappers to begin with... I don't know any of them who call themselves gangstas or thugs, or even dress like it... There was a recurring theme in this article that "God won't take something that was once used for evil, and use it for good"... But I'm pretty sure that was what the whole Jesus thing was about, right? You know, that lottle event in the Bible where God came in the form of man and died on the cross for our sins... Jesus was all about discipling people... And He always met them where they were... He didn't sit in the temple and wait for the disciples to come to Him... Instead, He was criticized by the Pharisees for dining in a home filled with worldly tax collectors... Or for speaking kindly to whores... There were moments in this article when I felt like the author was idolizing the church above the God it represents... Does God love order? I don't know... If He does, He sure does deviate from it a lot... I believe there is value in order, to an extent... But we can also put order above God... I believe God values anomalies too... He seems to do some of the seemingly strangest things, because it makes it clearer to us that He was behind it... The author talks about discipling... But what is his idea of discipling? It sounds like his idea of discipling is just coming to "new Christian" classes... That's just dumb... Discipling is a relational process... When I mentor a kid, one of the most effective tools I have (early in the relationship) is introducing them to positive, Christian hip-hop artists... Christian rap is a tool... A medium for the delivery of the Gospel... An ice breaker... A patch to wein someone from an addiction... It's a joyful noise to the Lord, and it glorifies Him... If it's evil, as this guy suggests, and based on his reasoning, then many other things are evil as well and have NO place in ministry or God's Kingdom... TV, movies, radio, the internet, all other genres of music, sports, etc... I'm of the opinion that God can and will use anything for His glory, no matter how evil its predecessors may have been...


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