Come On Church, Would Jesus Go To A Strip Club In The Name of Evangelism?

I'm just getting around to addressing this little tidbit of misinformation. Last week my Facebook timeline was in an uproar, when the show "The Preachers of L.A." uploaded a clip of an upcoming show were First Lady Myesha Chaney, goes to A STRIP CLUB Witnessing? Some folks have taken serious issue with this,  while others are saying now that's ministry and it goes to prove, just how far one should be willing to go to win souls.  How far is too far when seeking to reach out to the lost?

To be honest, I don't know of anywhere in the bible where Jesus went inside a brothel to try and save any souls. Don't get me wrong, neither did he reject prostitutes. He welcomed them with open arms. But he didn't go inside such places like a strip club trying to reach souls. In my opinion, this sister is not trying to win souls for the Kingdom of God, but instead all about pushing her brand. She's just like all the other reality stars.

Anyhow, someone else made mention that this is 2014, and ministry looks different from the 70's when we sat on certain pews, wear certain colors for church functions etc. Tradition can send you to hell, but true ministry can build the kingdom. What happened to meeting people where they are? That respecter of person spirit and schism has to die! God wants us to be disciples, not members because disciples followed Christ and the ministered to the poor, the brokenhearted, the heavy laden, the lost, the confused, the prostitutes, the adulterers GET OVER YOURSELVES!!! It's not about us, but its about JESUS! We need to get the word out that Jesus Saves and Loves Us.
 First Lady Myesha steps out of her comfort zone on an all new Preachers of LA, Wednesday at 10/9c on Oxygen.


  1. Jesus proclaim that "If I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men unto me"...St. John 12;32. Now Jesus said he would do the drawing , not our good works or deeds. So. I'm wondering why pick that place to start witnessing for Christ? Where will she go next? Is any place off limits? Is she being led by the Holy Spirit or by her curious personality which may be seeking attention and sensationalism. ? If you go to the "gutter" to witness, then just make sure that you have not bypassed the Orphanages, Hospitals, Prisons, Schools, Colleges, Mental Institutions and the struggling people sitting right up under your nose from week to week. Our Witness as Christian Believers should not start because, now the world sees us on TV; so now lets do something sensational so it appears like we are on the " cutting-edge " of Evangelism & Ministry. If you really care about those caught up in the "sex trade", then I believe they would have known about your concerns long before you were participating in a TV "Show". When we start looking like we are taking advantage of opportunities to exploit the "down-trodden", in Jesus Name, then I would questions the motive and agenda.


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