Bishop T.D. Jakes: Mobilizing Churches To The Polls on October 26th Freedom Sunday!

Voting is a basic right and a fundamental expression of our freedom. This summer marked the 50th Anniversary of Freedom Summer. During the summer of 1964, people across the state of Mississippi, from up north and around the nation engaged in a statewide initiative that focused on voter registration, voter education and electoral empowerment.

This effort brought together unions, clergy, civic and fraternal organizations and everyday citizens who believed in the right of all Americans to participate in the electoral process. We have a chance to make our voices heard in this upcoming midterm election across the state of Texas. However, we can’t be heard if we do not register to vote or go to the polls. Fifty years later we are commemorating Freedom Summer by inviting nonprofit organizations, civic minded organizations, clergy, and churches to join us in Freedom Sunday October 26, 2014.


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