The Michael Sam Story: When Being Honest Can Cost You Everything?

Honesty is truthfulness. My husband and I see thing way differently on this particular subject. He thinks that Michael Sam should not have disclosed that he was gay, I disagree.   An honest person has to stand up in what he or she believe at all times, which brings me to my post topic.

  A couple of months ago, former Colts and Buccaneers head coach and current NBC analyst Tony Dungy says that if he were still an NFL head coach, he wouldn't have drafted Michael Sam, who became the first openly gay player in league history when the Rams selected him in May. The country went into an uproar over Dungy's comment. Fast forward to this weekend those honest words have become truth.

An honest person represents himself just as he is and tells others the truth about themselves, and  at times can hurt. I'm guessing and from the look of thing some NFL team general managers are being somewhat honest about not choosing Michael Sam to play on their team. According to BlackSportsOnline teams are afraid to sign Michael Sam because of media attention.


  1. This is what happens when politics is first and foremost. I don't care who anyone sleeps with because I do not have to give an account for that. I have never seen any professional football player openly express their sexuality and don't see what that has to do with football. I thought the objective was to be good enough to make the team and play. So unless who you sleep with or have sex with becomes a requirement for the game, shut up about it.

  2. this has nothing to do with politics... Michael Sam got cut because he couldn't even make tackles on the special team... who's going to pay a million dollars to a player who can't even make the special teams roster?

  3. @ Kareem A. Christian: Just like you stated your opinion, I've stated mine. Having an opinion makes you neither right or wrong, it is an opinion. If I think it is political, then to me, is is political. I am assuming that you have the inside scoop. My main thought: the objective was to be good enough to make the team and play. I guess you did not see that part.

  4. Christian Group Plans Protest Over Michael Sam Joining Cowboys:


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