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The 99th Annual PAW Convention in Detroit Consecrated Nine New Bishops, Perhaps The Largest Number In One Convention!

Bishop Charles H Ellis was chosen for a 2nd term. 

According to Facebook, the 99th Annual PAW Convention in Detroit,  consecrated nine new Bishops . . . perhaps the largest number in one convention. During this gathering, the California District Council (one of the PAW's largest) was divided into three distinct districts, with separate Diocesans. The new Bishops are:

* Bishop Jonas Foote (Colorado)

* Bishop James Daniel (Louisiana) 

* Bishop Jeffery Goldsmith (Nevada)

* Bishop Thomas Davis (Alaska)

* Bishop Rufus G.W. Sanders, Ph.D. (Togo - West Africa)

* Bishop Edgar Robinson (New Jersey)

  * Bishop Donnie McGriff (Southern California)

 * Bishop Carl Turner (Kenya)

* Bishop Robert Douglas (Central California)

 As well, Bishop Horace Smith (Northwestern District) will assume leadership of the Illinois District in January 2015 and Bishop Noel Jones (Jamaica District) will transfer to duties as Diocesan of the newly-created Northern California District.
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