Satanic Group Wants The Same Religious Freedom!

Lord we got to be careful about what we ask for. Last month in Orange County, Florida, a judge ruled that religious pamphlets could be handed out in a local school district in the area. It seems the Satanic Temple has then decided to get in on this offer to hand out their religious materials to school children by making some pamphlets of their own. What y'all think about that?  Do you think schools should allow bibles and other Christian materials to be distributed to students? What about Korans and Torahs? Now, what about bibles of satanic worship? 

 Satanic Group Responds to Religious Freedom Court Ruling in Perfect Way 


  1. If your going to allow religion in school, which I'm all for, then all religions should be accepted not just one.

  2. In my opinion, If you want your children to learn religion in school, send them to a religious run school.

  3. I am a Christian and a teacher. I would rather it be taken out before we are pushed to teach about it in class. I refuse to teach about Satanism, so let them learn about religion at home

  4. Church & State should b seperated.

  5. I'm all for teaching our children about God, but I don't think it should be in schools because: 1. We won't know exactly what they're teaching our children, or in what manner they are teaching. 2. Due to the constitution, we would have to allow all religions in, which can cause our children to believe false doctrine/gods/ idols. 3. This is most important, it is OUR responsibility as Parents to raise our children in the Lord. You can't want to have God in school, but not at home. If you give your child the gift of knowing Jesus then they carry Him wherever they go. Be it school, mall, wherever. People want to give the government responsibility for things that they as individuals should do, but wanna cry when things become out of their control. Can't have it both ways.

    1. Kerryann Jackson I so agree with your comment.


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