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California Become The First State In America To Legally Recognize A Third Gender!

Reader what y'all think? California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed into law legislation that recognizes a third gender option for driver’s licenses and birth certificates. Gender is no longer either male or female, according to the state of California. ‘It means that when somebody looks at my license, it’s not going to be as confusing to them.’ Gov. Jerry Brown on Sunday signed into law legislation that recognizes a third gender option for driver’s licenses and birth certificates. Starting in 2019, Californians will be able to identify themselves as not just male or female, but “nonbinary.” The bill was one of many Brown left to the last day of the Oct. 15 deadline to either sign or veto.


Public Service Announcement To Parents Who Refuse To Raise Their Children!

Radio talk show host and activist, Thaddeus Matthews posted the following statement to his Facebook Page, and y'all know the rest:

 This is a Public Service Announcement to parents who refuse to raise their children or who drop their kids off to be able to assault innocent people of this community. You need to make sure you have insurance on your bad a** kids because some of us are ready to kill them graveyard dead to protect ourselves. The city of Memphis will not finance the Police dept. So that we can be properly protected, and all of these meetings that the mayor is having is worthless, so citizens must do what is necessary to protect ourselves even if it means killing little Pookie and Junebug.

 Why were 100 kids allowed by their parents to be running loose last night and able to assault innocent people trying to make a living? So if you want raise them then prepare to bury them. When some citizen kills one of these thugs mama don't get on the tv saying that your child was a good child and didn't deserve to die or I don't want to hear from no NAACP type groups wanting to protest. Since you as parents want take control of your children get ready to pay for funerals and a hole to bury your worthless child in because people are tired and do not have to accept being fearful of your child. This is a WARNING!!!! Take heed. Thoughts anyone?


  1. I agree that communities should start fighting back against those that ruin it for everyone. I'm so darn frustrated with out of control kids victimizing innocent people and terrorizing neighborhoods. I dont want to advocate murder, but drastic measures need to be taken!!

  2. well said I agree 100%

  3. I kinda agree too...but to murder is a biblical matter. Only God has the power to give and take. When we interject human flawed prerogative is not a rational response. If that were the case people would kill whenever they were wronged...in marriage on the job or in society in general. We have laws in place for the ills of our country. Just sayin....


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